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The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan (Series Summary)

The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan
The Magicians' Guild: Book 1 ~ The Novice: Book 2 ~ The High Lord: Book 3
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This series takes place in a magical world where the Magician's Guild is almost equal in power to the King, but sworn to his service nonetheless. Magic is tightly controlled, a result of a devastating war where a rogue mage tried to take complete control and almost succeeded. As a result no one, in any country, is allowed to use magic in any form unless trained and sanctioned by the guild and all mages regardless of origin, must swear their services to their countries ruler.

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The story follows Sonea, a lower class young girl born with magical powers, something thats virtually unheard of. When her powers manifest and come to the attention of the Guild, the hunt is on and Sonea must first try to escape, for she fears for her life as a rogue mage, and then struggle to come to terms with her new powers.

Her journey is touching, Sonea has a very strong sense of right and wrong, a capacity for unswerving loyally, a strong character and a good deal of self doubt, that she constantly struggles to overcome. Her path is not easy, as a member of the lower class trying to fit into the magician's guild which is populated by only noble class members, jealousy, prejudice, betrayal and plain mean spirited behavior are all obstacles she must endure if she is ever to succeed in becoming the most powerful mage in recent history.

There are plenty of characters to enjoy, with stories of their own, drama, romance, mystery, thrills and chills to savor and a heroine to cheer for. Great read for all ages. My only warning is there is subject matter relating to same sex relationships and if this offends you you might not want to read this series, however unless it does, I recommend this series to young adult and mature audiences alike.

For more details and information on this series, its storyline and the excellent characters, please read the individual book reviews.

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The Magician's Guild - The Novice - The High Lord

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Author: Trudi Canavan

Genre: Fantasy

Content: Coming-of-Age, Magic

Series: The Black Magician Trilogy

Publisher: HarperCollins

Source: Personal Copies

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