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The Oracle's Queen (Tamir Trilogy: Book 3)

By Lynn Flewelling

Under the rule of a usurper king, the realm of Skala has suffered famine, plague, and invasion. But now the time for the rightful heir has come, a return to the tradition of warrior queens. And the Lightbearer’s prophecy is to be upheld at last: so long as a daughter of the royal line defends and rules, Skala will never be subjugated.

Now a mystical fire has burned away the male body known as Prince Tobin, revealing Princess Tamír, a girl on the verge of womanhood–and a queen ready to claim her birthright after a life in disguise under the protection of wizards and witches. But will her people, her army–and the friends she was forced to deceive–accept her? Worse, will the crown’s rival heir, friend to Tobin, turn foe to Tamír, igniting civil war in a fierce battle for Skala?

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The Oracle's Queen (Tamir Trilogy: Book 3) By Lynn Flewelling

| Genre: Dark Fantasy
| ISBN-10: 055358345X
| ISBN-13: 9780553583458
| Content: Witches, Wizards, Adult
| Mass Market Paperback: 576 pages
| Publisher: Spectra (June 27, 2006)
| Source: Personal copy
| Read an Excerpt
| Rating: 5 Stars

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The Oracle's Queen (The Tamír Triad, #3)

♥ Mini Review ♥
Tobin is now Queen Tamir, but not everybody is thrilled with this development, including Tamir herself. Brother is still restless and very angry, the Companions are split down the middle, confused as to where their loyalty lies, poor Ki continues to struggle with the reality that his best friend and childhood buddy is actually a girl. And don't forget King Korin who with the help of the evil wizard Lord Niryn, begins to descend into the madness that plagued his family line. We learn more about Nalia, the poor girl married off to Korin for the sole purpose of breeding a new royal line. She may end up surprising you as she did me.
Fantasy Series Book Review by Mulluane

The conclusion of this series is wonderful. Its emotional, heartbreaking at times, and heartwarming at others. The entire thing wraps up beautifully. There weren't many surprises, we all knew Tobin/Tamir had to become Queen, we knew she had to win the throne, we even knew, thanks to the Oracle, that the wizards would bind together and eventually build a new city. All of this was laid out from book one. But that is not what this series is about, that is just the blueprint used to explore deeper issues.

The main focus of this series is the people. The uniqueness of a girl being completely raised as a boy until the age of 13, then facing the truth. The guilt of Arkoniel and Lhel in creating Brother and their responsibility in the resulting madness of Tobin's mother. The loyalty and love of Ki, both for Tobin, and then for Tamir, and the journey between the two. The issues are endless, complex and compelling. The characters are so completely believable they almost step right off the page. This story makes you feel, and I can't think of a better compliment to give to an author.

This series will blow you away, I highly suggest reading it. There is alot of violence, more then a few references to bodily functions and private parts, liberal amount of crude words and some sex scenes that are more technical than erotic but they are present. But it would be pretty difficult to explain Tobin becoming Tamir and the confusion inherent with that change, without touching on those subjects. I just want any younger readers to be aware that the subject matter does get graphic on occasion.

One further note. There are 3 books set in this world written before this trilogy but set in a time after this series takes place. I wish I had read this first but that is a personal choice, if you want to read, or have read Luck in the Shadows, Stalking Darkness and Traitor's Moon, this series will add more flavor and depth.

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Dark Fantasy Book Review of The Oracle's Queen (Tamir Trilogy: Book 3) by Lynn Flewelling - Reviewed by Mulluane - on June 16 2008 - Rating: 5.0

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