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Glasswrights' Guild by Mindy L. Klasky (Series Summary)

Glasswrights' Guild by Mindy L. Klasky
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This series of five books takes place in a medieval type world with a strict caste and religious system. The series follows Ranita Glasswright through five countries as she pursues her dream of becoming a Glasswrights' Master.

Epic Fantasy Series Review by Mulluane

But thats the simple synopsis. The story is much more complicated than that. This series explores cause and effect, bad decisions made for what seemed to be the right reasons, and their consequences. Its a coming of age story, starting with Ranita at the age of 13 and each book pulls us forward by 2-3 years at a time. It's a story of politics corrupted by religion, prejudice, betrayal, violence and angst. Its a very dark story with complex characters and difficult challenges.

Even though the series is 5 books long, the author keeps it new by moving the story to a different country in each book. The world building is amazing. Each country has its own very unique political, economic and religious system and they are described in detail. I was impressed with the scope of Ranita's world.

There is very little magic, some romance and some military action but the main focus is on drama, adventure, coming of age, loyalty and betrayal. And it has all of those in good measure. If you want a series that will make you think, with a strong lead who never gives up, even though the entire world seems to be set against her, an author who isn't afraid to let her characters fail and suffer for it, then you'll love this series.

There is more detail about the series in the individual book reviews. Check them out!

Book Reviews:The Glasswrights' Apprentice - The Glasswrights' Progress - The Glasswrights' Journeyman - The Glasswrights' Test - The Glasswrights' Master

(Additional Info)
Author: Mindy L. Klasky

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Content: Heroine, Coming-of-age

Series: Glasswrights' Guild

Publisher: (Original) Roc ~ (Current) E-Reads

Source: Personal Copies
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Original Cover Art:  Jerry Vanderstelt

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All available in Kindle, and Audible
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Epic Fantasy Series Review of Glasswrights' Guild by Mindy L. Klasky - Reviewed by Mulluane - on June 15 2008 - Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

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