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The Glasswrights' Master (Book 5 of 5)

By Mindy L. Klasky

The final battle...

Rani Trader has fled her homeland, escaping Morenia just as enemy armies invade. Encamped in the southern kingdom of Sarmonia, Rani must make the hardest bargain of her life--negotiating safety for herself, her beloved king, and his heir, even as she struggles to control mystical powers that rise within her.

As armies line up for the final battle, Rani must fight to become the master of her fate--and her guild.

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The Glasswrights' Master (Book 5 of 5) by Mindy L. Klasky

| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| Content: Heroine, Coming-of-age
| ISBN-10: 161756320X
| ISBN-13: 9781617563201
| Publisher: (January 17, 2011)
| Paperback: 298 pages
| Cover Artist: Jerry Vanderstelt
| Source: Personal copy
| Read an Excerpt
| Rating: 3/5 Stars
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The Glasswrights' Master (Volume Five In The Glasswrights Series)

♥ Mini Review ♥
In the final book all your questions will be answered, and in some surprising ways. Will Ranita finally achieve her dreams of restoring the Glasswrights' Guild or do the 1000 Gods have other plans for her? Will King Hal's kingdom (and sanity) be saved, will Mair ever find revenge, will the Fellowship of Jair be stopped in its quest for ultimate power or will the Royal Pilgrim be found? And what about Crestman, will his tortured soul ever find peace?

Fantasy Series Book Review by Mulluane

There are alot of questions to be answered and yet another kingdom to be explored, unique in its own way just like all the others. These books were definitely not a light-hearted read - often very dark and beyond a doubt complex and thought provoking. They were also not boring, at least not to me. Don't get me wrong, I love a good light hearted story on occasion, but I also love a book that makes me think and question, what would I do different or how would I handle that degree of angst. These books also make you appreciate the merits of courage, devotion, loyalty and sometimes just pure stubbornness, the refusal to ever give up.

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Epic Fantasy Book Review of The Glasswrights' Master (Book 5 of 5) by Mindy L. Klasky - Reviewed by Mulluane - on June 05 2008 - Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

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