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Treason Keep (Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child Trilogy: Book 2)

In Medalon, Book One of the Hythrun Chronicles, Tarja Tenragen and his half-sister R'shiel were forced to lead a rebellion against their power hungry mother, who ruled Medalon as the First Sister of the Blade. But their mother's defeat came at great cost: not only does it leave Medalon vulnerable to invasion, R'shiel is mortally wounded.

As Treason Keep begins, R'shiel is on the brink of death. Her only hope is the healing powers of the Harshini--magical beings long thought extinct. Even they will be hard-pressed to save the Demon Child of prophecy . . .

On Medalon's northern border, Tarja and the Defenders are far too few to stand against the invaders from Karien, even with the new fortifications built onto Treason Keep. The only thing that can save them is an alliance with Hythria, with whom the Medalon have been skirmishing for generations. But can Tarja trust Damin Wolflblade, warlord and heir to the throne of Hytrhia, with whom Tarja has personally crossed blades upon the field of battle?

Meanwhile, King Hablet of Fardohnya weds his eldest daughter, the stunningly beautiful but shrewish Princess Adrina, to the Karien Heir. Hablet hopes to place his grandchild on the Karien throne. But the wayward and rebellious Adrina has her own plans, and the fate of three nations dangle upon her insolent whim.

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Treason Keep (Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child Trilogy: Book 2)

| Author: Jennifer Fallon
| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| ISBN-10: 0765348675
| ISBN-13: 9780765348678
| Content: Demons, Mythology, 16+
| Publisher: Tor Fantasy
Reprint edition (May 26, 2005)
| Mass Market Paperback: 536 pages
| Cover Illustration: Paul Youll
| Source: Personal copy
| Rating: 5 Stars 
Treason Keep (Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child Trilogy, #2)

♥ Mini Review ♥
The political intrigue continues and deepens, there is plenty of battle for the mercenary types and there is a romantic twist that adds flavor to an already great story. The Demon Child faces more tempering and tampering by the Gods in preparation for the final showdown with the Demon God Xaphista. The Defenders and Sisterhood face challenges of their own and lets not forget Lochlon, a truly demented soul, he has a major role to play here too.

Fantasy Book Review by Mulluane

The second in this series is an amazing piece of work. Fallon introduces 6 new characters that are just delightful.

We meet King Hablet of Fardohnya, a prolific monarch who's worship of the Goddess of Fertility is legendary. There is his oldest legitimate daughter, her Most Serene Highness Adrina, a spoiled rotten, highly intelligent and very beautiful....brat. Tam, her loyal slave who loves her dearly and never quite keeps to her *place*. Tristan, Adrina's oldest illegitimate brother, Captain of the Guard, he is Adrina's favorite and often her compatriot in any trouble she gets into. Prince Cretin the Cringing (or thats what Adrina calls him) Prince Craytn, crown prince of Karien, loyal follower of the Demon God, Overlord Xaphista, fated to become Adrina's husband. You almost feel sorry for him, almost. The last major addition to the cast is Mikel, a very young page in the Karien army who is so blindly devoted to his Prince and his God he can't see the truth about the events that unfold around him, even when they smack him upside the head. Warlord Damin Wolfblade, heir to the Hythria throne, takes a prominent role in this installment also and continues to please.

The characters are fun to watch, the plot is fairly predictable but the setting is unique enough to overcome that. The pace is strong and fast, with snippets of humor inserted masterfully to keep things from getting too intense. My only complaint, and its not really a complaint, is that Fallon had so much fun writing Adrina into the story that Tarja and R'shiel almost fade into the background. But I was having fun right along with her so I didn't mind too much.

The book does a great wrap up at the end while leaving enough cliffhanger to make you eager for book three. There are sex scenes but they are not graphic, or described in any detail making this a suitable book for mature young adults, however there is plenty of allure here for a mature audience too. Very high on my favorites list.

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Librarything Rating 3.88/5

Amazon Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Treason Keep (Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child Trilogy: Book 2)

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Treason Keep (Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child Trilogy: Book 2) by Jennifer Fallon
Reviewed by Mulluane on June 26 2008
Rating: 5 of 5

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