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Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop (Series Summary)

Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop (Series Summary)
The Black Jewels: Trilogy: Daughter of the Blood / Heir to the Shadows / Queen of the Darkness
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Dark Fantasy Series Review by Mulluane

A Black Widow spins a tangled web and within its strands sees a message. She is coming, not a witch but Witch, dreams made flash, living myth and the 3 realms may never be the same.

Many await her coming, the 3 men who will love and protect her. Father, Brother, Lover. Saetan, the High Lord of Hell, demon undead, will call her the daughter of his soul. Lucivar, an Ebon-Grey Warlord Prince, will pledge his life and his soul to her protection, Daemon, a Black Jeweled Warlord Prince, plaything of powerful Queens, named Sadist for good reason, has waited 700 years for a Queen he can love and serve.

Others want to make her their own, Two Red Jeweled Priestesses, Doreatha, High Priestess of Hayll in partnership with Hekatah, wannabe High Priestess of Hell, both want to control her powers. Her family, not understanding what she is, have her repeatedly confined to Briarwood, a place for unstable children, but Briarwood is much more then it seems and in itself may destroy her.

This is a complex, sensual, sadistic, cruel and beautiful world where your status as one of the Blood is determined by the color of the jewels you can wield as a reservoir and focus for your powers. A place where the Demon Undead can walk among the living, where dreams can become reality and where powerful Queens control men through torture, humiliation and pain. But mixed in with the horror, there is also magic, love, humor and innocence.

The themes are adult in nature, language, perversion, torture, violence and cruelty levels are way over the top. But there is also a lot of love, laughter, loyalty, devotion and warmth. Anne Bishop has done one of the best jobs I've ever seen in balancing the diverse emotional elements of this story. The immersion is complete, the story is riveting, she makes you not just picture, but feel the story as it unfolds. I highly suggest this series for adult readers and I also highly suggest reading the individual book reviews to get a better idea of what this trilogy is all about. I just can't do it justice in a summary, and I'm not sure I did it justice in the reviews. It is just too hard to describe in only a few words.

Book Reviews: Daughter of the Blood - Heir of the Shadows - Queen of the Darkness

(Additional Info)
Author: Anne Bishop

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Content: Witches, Demons, Dragons

Series: Black Jewels Trilogy

Publisher: Tor Fantasy

Source: Personal Copies
Winner of the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award, 2000

Cover Art Omnibus: Ray Lundgren
Dragon art by Patrick Jones

Author's Web Presence
Website - Facebook

Single books available in Kindle
Omnibus only available in print.
See individual reviews for more information.

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Dark Fantasy Series Review of Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop - Reviewed by Mulluane - on July 05 2008 - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

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