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Firekeeper Saga by Jane Lindskold (Series Summary)

Firekeeper Saga by Jane Lindskold (Series Summary)

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An expedition into the Iron Mountains goes in search of a lost colony founded by the sole remaining heir to New Haven. What they find is a feral child who has been raised by Royal wolves: wolves who are much larger and much smarter then their regular cousin kind, and possessing telepathic powers and minor magical talents. But the question remains, is she the daughter of Prince Barden?

An Epic Fantasy Series Review by Mulluane

This is a very unique series. Firekeeper (so named by the Royal Wolves) is a very different sort of heroine. To add to the charm of this series she is accompanied on her adventures by a pack mate named Blind Seer; a wolf the size of a pony so named for his unusual blue eyes. The world building is interesting. At a point in the past there was a plague that killed anyone who had the ability to use magic. The first wave started killing the "Old World" sorcerers/rulers, causing them to flee back to where ever it is they came from. The next wave affected those with minor talents like healing, affinity for animals, pathfinding and the like. As a result of this plague the New World undergoes a major change. The old rulers being gone, new governments are created, magic is now hated and feared in most countries, minor talents however are tolerated and the Royal Beasts have faded into myth.

This is a very "busy" story. There are lots of characters, a large world to be explored, more then a few mysteries to be solved. Firekeeper must learn to fit in not only the various societies she encounters, but humanity as a whole. But no matter how hard her teachers try, Firekeeper remains true to her perception of herself. She was raised wolf and as far as she is concerned, she is wolf. She carries this unique viewpoint throughout the entire saga adding a fascinating look at humankind as it might be judged by wolf kind, and in most cases, humankind fails to come out ahead in her eyes.

This is a rollicking roller coaster ride. There are great books and not so great books but you still should read them all because the overall story depends on it. The vocabulary and editing are very impressive. The politics, religions and governments are well done but the main draw is the characterization. The characters come alive and almost walk right off the page. There are so many that a few never get enough attention, atleast not for me, there are some I would have loved to see more of. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. It points to how well Jane Lindskold creates characters you can really care about. These books are recommended for age 16+ mainly due to the complexity and advanced vocabulary used, not so much for content which is mild in terms of adult themes. Anyone who loves wolves or has ever dreamed of conversing with any animal will enjoy these immensely. For more details please read the individual book reviews.

Book Reviews: Through Wolf's Eyes - Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart - The Dragon of Despair - Wolf Captured - Wolf Hunting - Wolf's Blood

Author: Jane Lindskold
Genre: Epic Fantasy, 16+
Publisher: Tor Fantasy Select books are available in Kindle and eBook.
See individual reviews for more information.
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