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Princess At Sea (Princess Duology, Book 2)

A Fantasy Series Book Review

By Dawn Cook

Genre: Fantasy Series, Young Adult
ISBN: 0441014240
Publisher: Ace (July 25, 2006)
Paperback: 352 pages
Costenopolie is safe, the war averted, the real princess (now Queen) is married to Prince Alex of Misdev and Tess is now their ambassador. Accompanying them on their honeymoon cruise, Tess thinks her only problems are keeping the royal couple from killing each other, but oh is she wrong.

Pirates lurk nearby, intent on murder, mayhem, kidnapping and ransom. And Tess, even though she is in line for the throne, is not a part of their plans. Will she survive? Will the two men in her life, Duncan the card shark or Captain Jeck, soldier and rival player, be able to save her and the Royals?

Dawn Cook's writing continues to improve and this book is a winner. Tess is incredibly strong, dedicated, and determined to accomplish her goals with as little violence as possible. She is also insecure, lonely, afraid of her growing powers and mistrusting of almost everybody around her. This makes for a very complicated and believable character. When it counts, she will do what's needed, but she is always aware of possible complications and consequences of her actions. The ending has a few big surprises in store; the pace is fairly fast, though I thought Tess's fight against insanity a bit overdone. If you want a book with lots of drama, adventure, rescue, escape, trials and tribulations with a bit of romance thrown in, you'll enjoy this book. Aside from a bit of colorful language, I recommend this for any young adult and for mature readers.

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Shelfari Rating 4+/5

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Amazon Rating 4+ out of 5 stars
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