Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Princess Duology (Series Summary)

Author: Dawn Cook
Publisher: Ace
Book Reviews: Princess Decoy - Princess at Sea
Genre: Fantasy Series, 13+
Tess is a pampered princess, but not your typical princess. Tess has been raised from birth with the constant threat of assassination hanging over her, thanks to a prophecy made at her birth. As a result she is trained in unusual ways, knife throwing, how to use a whip, how to hide effectively and her tolerance to poison has been raised, painfully, a bit at a time. But finally, she is engaged to be married to Prince Garrett of Misdev - if he survives the assassins himself. Other suitors have not.

Tess is in for the shock of her young life however. After meeting her husband to be, her parents, King and Queen of Costenopolie pull her aside and try to tell her gently that they love her but she is not the real princess! She was bought off the streets, an unwanted baby whose mother had died and raised in the princess's place. The real princess was raised in a nunnery, safe from the assassins and is on her way home for the wedding. Oh but it gets worse. Prince Garrett is less then pleased. His real intent is to seize the country of Costenopolie for his own but now he has no bride in residence with which to secure his rule. In fear for her life, heartbroken and confused, Tess escapes, determined to find and save the real princess and the country she had once considered her own.

So starts a great adventure. Tess is a lovable character who faces an impossible situation with a fortitude you just have to admire. Dawn Cook doesn't let up on her either, throwing trial after trial at her in an almost relentless fashion. This story twists and turns and then twists again. Its full of romance, heartache, political intrigue, betrayal, courage and adventure. The pace is fast, the characters believable, and the premise is interesting. Its a nice twist on the type of protagonist who is a nobody who becomes a somebody, in this case Tess starts out having it all, only to find out that she is a nobody, a gutter snipe bought off the street. Even the magic is unique, coming from a source that might surprise you.

There is some violence, but not all that much, nor overly graphic, there is some colorful language, mainly coached in local vernacular so it isn't offensive, and there are no sex scenes. I recommend these two books to any young adult audience and adults will enjoy them also. If you want more detail, please read the individual reviews of each book. Good light reading.

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