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Wolf Captured (Firekeeper Saga: Book 4)

A Fantasy Series Book Review

By Jane Lindskold

Genre: Epic Fantasy, 16+
ISBN: 0765348233
Publisher: Tor Fantasy (September 29, 2005)
Mass Market Paperback: 768 pages
Firekeeper, Blind Seer and Derian are lured away from a celebration of Princess Sapphire's and Prince Shad's first born son. They are attacked and awaken some time later in the hold of a ship, Firekeeper and Blind Seer in cages, Derian chained. To make matters worse, no one is going to miss them as both are scheduled to take a trip west immediately following the festivities!

So begins my second favorite book in this series so far. The main focus is once again on Firekeeper, Blind Seer and Derian. Our trio is transported to a new land where Royal Beasts (called Wise Beasts there) not only intermingle with humans but play an integral part in that land's religion. The religion of Liglim is complicated but the short version is that the Wise Beasts (and the lesser also) are valued for their ability to interpret the will of the five deities, Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Magic and through a system of signals convey these signs to the different religious orders. When Liglim learns of Firekeeper and her ability to talk directly to the Royal Beasts in her land, they decide they must have her for their own.

The world building is excellent, the character building even more so. We learn over time alot more about Firekeeper, her true feelings for Blind Seer, her origins and more back story on the Old Colonists who brought sorcery into Firekeeper's world. Derian develops a love interest for the first time (finally) and plays a big part in the resolution of the problems that seem to pop up everywhere Firekeeper goes. There is plenty of action, drama and suspense to keep you turning pages far into the night.

This book restored my faith in the series and I'm looking forward with great delight to finding out just how much trouble Firekeeper can find in the next book! Mild profanity(very sporadic), mild love scenes (no sex) and moderate violence. Suitable for mature young adults with an above average vocabulary and patience with complicated world building. This book is back up to a rating of 5 stars!

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Shelfari Rating 4+/5

Librarything Rating 4.01/5

Amazon Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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