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Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart (Firekeeper Saga: Book 2)

A Fantasy Series Book Review

By Jane Lindskold

Genre: Epic Fantasy, 16+
ISBN: 0812575490
Publisher: Tor Fantasy (August 18, 2003)
Mass Market Paperback: 768 pages
Firekeeper is summoned to a meeting of the various Ones of the Royal animals. There she is told a tale of the world before the Great Plague, a world where powerful magic and those who were trained in its use, ruled the lands. The Great Plague changed all that, causing the most powerful to die or flee for their lives but the Royal kind are worried. Queen Gustin has stolen three supposed magical items and its up to Firekeeper to steal them back. Hopefully before their use is rediscovered and a return to the horror of the years before the Plague returns.

And so starts another adventure for Doc, Elsie, Derian, Blind Seer. Elation and Firekeeper. We get to discover a new land, New Kelvin, where magic is still revered, even though its mainly just myth. The budding romance between Doc and Elsie takes on a new dimension and Firekeeper, well she mainly stays her uncivilized self.

There is the addition of a few new characters plus the inclusion of some old. Melina Shield teams up with Walm Endbrook, an agent of Queen Gustin and ventures into New Kelvin to get assistance in discovering the power of the three magical objects. But as always, Melina has an agenda of her own. Bold, a royal crow, a maidservant for Firekeeper, Wendee Jay and Edlin Kestrel join the party as Firekeeper goes to New Kelvin after the objects. Grateful Peace, an important member of New Kelvin society also plays a big role towards the end.

The good news: Firekeeper is as unusual a character as I've ever enjoyed reading about. The characters and subplots are less numerous, making this book a bit easier to keep track of. Unlike the first installment, the focus here is less on political intrigue and more on the characters, plus the worldbuilding in the case of New Kelvin is suberb.

The bad news: I'm not usually a plot driven type person. Give me likable, strong characters and I can forgive alot. This story however has holes in it I could throw a dragon through. I don't regret reading it and I will continue on to the third book but I have to admit to being a little disappointed. The premise is still great, Jane Lindskold has a wonderful way with words and it is a second book. Those are famous for being weak. But again, thats my opinion and I think its a good enough read to suggest you check it out for yourself. On to the next one!

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