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Destiny: Child of Sky: by Elizabeth Haydon (Rhapsody Trilogy: Symphony of Ages: Book 3)

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To stand against the F'dor-- an ancient, vile being intent on destroying the world-- a fellowship has been forged: Rhapsody, a Singer of great talent and beauty; Achmed, an assassin with unearthly talents; and Grunthor, a giant of jolly disposition and lethal skill with weapons.

Driven by prophetic visions, the three know that time is running short, know that they must find their elusive enemy before his darkness consumes them all. But after their final, brutal confrontation with the F'dor, their world crosses the threshold of disaster and faces utter oblivion. The action reaches a fevered pitch, achieving a crescendo of tragedy, love, and triumph of human spirit over world-shattering cataclysm.

With death at hand and the world crumbling at their feet, these three will finally discover their true ...


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Epic Fantasy Book Review of Destiny: Child of Sky: by Elizabeth Haydon (Rhapsody Trilogy: Symphony of Ages: Book 3)

| Author: Elizabeth Haydon
| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| Series: The Symphony of Ages (Book 3)
| Content: Dragons, Adult
| ISBN-10: 0812570839
| ISBN-13: 9780812570830
| Publisher: Tor Books; 1st edition (May 19, 2002)
| Mass Market Paperback: 864 pages
| Cover Artist: Luis Royo
| Source: Personal copy
| Read an Excerpt
| Rating: 4/5 Stars
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♥ Mini Review ♥
Rhapsody, Achmed and Grunthor, the three spoken of in prophecy have a demon F'dor to kill. But first they must find it. To do so Rhapsody must find 9 children, all contaminated by demon blood, while keeping Achmed from doing what he was born to do, kill anyone tainted by demons.

Fantasy Book Review by Mulluane

Rhapsody has a plan (doesn't she always?) to save the children's innocent souls while providing Achmed with the blood he needs to track the evil F'dor. Little does she know the price she will pay but when it comes to sparing children pain Rhapsody will pay any price gladly.

As daunting as this task is, it pales before her other goals. Somehow she must unite both the fractured Liran who lack a Queen and reunite the Cymrians under a new Lord and Lady for the first time in 400 years. She is also the one who must kill the F'dor once Achmed finds it all while fighting her own inner demons. She must deal with the heartbreak of losing Ashe, the betrayal of her Namer abilities by Llauron and the ever present sorrow at being 1400 years in the future, the world she knew destroyed and everyone she ever loved long dead.

Third time's the charm they say and in this case this third installment of the series improves over the previous two. It's not perfect by any means but it's better. The pace and tension remain high throughout the entire book. There is still plenty of traveling around but fortunately not as much tedious detail. The unresolved love between Ashe and Rhapsody adds alot of the tension as you are kept wondering, right up to the end, if poor Rhapsody will ever get her memories back.

The search for the identity of the F'dor adds its own drama as the reader tries to figure out for themselves just who it is. There are also some fascinating surprises in store when Rhapsody summons together the Cymrians. All in all, once you take away the page after page of intense lovemaking between Ashe and Rhapsody found in book 2 and the endless detailed journeys found in both, you discover that there is an actual story here to be told and its finally being told well.

I can't think of any subplot that doesn't get resolved, which is pretty unusual. You will even discover who Meridion is. There are a few annoying (atleast to me) inconstancies. At one point Rhapsody shows a new talent of empathic healing, exhibits it once or twice then it just vanishes never to be used again. At another point she runs off after promising to come back and heal someone who is dying (not telling you who!) then gets distracted by someone else who is dying leaving you wondering just what in the world happens to the first guy.

I also felt that Llauron's excuse for not doing any more than he did, especially since Rhapsody paid such a high price to grant him more power, extremely lame to say the least. One other little thing bothered me too, likely I was nitpicking, but Elizabeth Haydon referring to the world as Earth felt wrong. Earth as an element was fine but calling a fantasy world complete with its own races, religions, stars, creatures and governments "Earth" made me cringe and at one point jarred me right out of the story immersion I was enjoying. But these points were not annoying enough to throw me off the story completely. I enjoyed it alot and like I said, much more than the previous two.

This is the first trilogy in the Symphony of Ages Saga. There are more books out that add onto the story that I hope to buy and review at a later time. This trilogy stands on its own and concludes wonderfully. You can start with these three comfortably without the need to move on to the rest, unless you want to of course.

This series is aimed at adults. There is plenty of sexual content, graphic violence, rape or near rape but there is also a balance of romance, love, loyalty, friendship, bravery and selfless sacrifice. If you love detailed worldbuilding, titillating romance and don't mind prophecy driven plots with atypical heroes then you'll love this book. If you are more into character driven, fast action, fast paced, more show than tell type stories, you'll still enjoy the book but you will be less likely to be blown away by it. Definitely worth reading in either case.

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Fantasy Book Review of Destiny: Child of Sky: by Elizabeth Haydon
Reviewed by Mulluane on August 23 2008
Rating: 4 of 5

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  1. I enjoyed this book as well, but Rhapsody got to be rather annoyingly perfect. She could have been improved by a flaw. Remember Cindy Crawford's mole? It made her all the more beautiful.

    (Oh, wait. Did Rhapsody have a space between her front teeth? Or am I thinking of some other heroine in some other novel?)

    Anyway, I enjoyed the novel enough that I forgot about who Rhapsody forgot to heal. I didn't expect a lot of things, especially the way she dealt with the Liran, and it should have been a no-brainer. I like it when authors can do that.

    What I really loved about this series was its humor. When I first started reading these novels, I was getting very fatigued with over-angsty epics without a single light moment across 500 or more pages. The entire series has many laugh-out-loud moments, and that's why these books have a permanent place on my shelf.

    She is writing children's fiction, now, which is a loss to her adult fans. However, there's no question that with her humor, she'd be great at kid lit.

  2. She was annoyingly perfect but she was so eat up with depression, guilt and low self esteem I was able to over look it.

    I did enjoy the humor. My own sense of humor tends to lean towards play on words and smart ass remarks so I tend to appreciate dry wit and tongue in cheek type comments. Thats one of the main reasons I love Eddings. The constant sniping between Pol and Belgarath tickled me to no end.

    Sadly that type of humor is lost on some. My BF thinks the interplay between my daughter and I is just mean and he wants to know why we hate each other. (He actually asked us that.)We just give each other the *look*, roll our eyes, shake our heads and keep right on picking.....


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