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Redeeming the Lost (Tales of Kolmar: Book 3) by Elizabeth Kerner

Redeeming the Lost (Tales of Kolmar: Book 3) by Elizabeth Kerner | Epic Fantasy Review

Author: Elizabeth Kerner
Genre: Epic Fantasy Series,
Content: Dragons, Young Adult 16+
ISBN-10: 0812568761
ISBN-13: 9780812568769
Publisher: Tor Fantasy (November 29, 2005)
Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
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Laren Kaelar has been captured by Berys the Demon Master. Its up to her friends, along with an old ally, to find a way to rescue her before he can sacrifice her to the Demonlord. The same demonlord who was responsible for destroying half of the True Dragons eons before. And what a strange assortment of friends and allies! A dragon in human form, Maran, the mother who abandoned her at the age of one, Rella, a member of the Silent Society, Jamie, the father of her heart, Will, Aral and Vilkas, former members of the College of Mages and of course dragons, 3 different types of dragons!

Even so it will prove to be no easy task. Thats not the only problem either. There is also a network of corrupt healers who at Berys command will begin a campaign of mass killing. They will also find themselves faced with hordes of demons conjured up at Bery's command and ultimately the Demonlord himself. What a disaster!

The third book in this series continues the story started in Song of the Silence and The Lesser Kindred. Like the second book, Elizabeth Kerner spends too much time, in my opinion, on back story. She started off really well. We get to finally meet Laren's mother Maren and hear the back story from her viewpoint but sadly I guess that wasn't enough. Several other sections of back story were added in later from different characters. Because of this, just like in book two, the story starts off slowly but boy does it pick up. By the end of the book you'll find yourself totally engrossed and unable to readily put the book down. The ending is beautiful, almost every loose end is tied up, including the ones created in the telling of this book. The ongoing war that was mentioned by Berys several times was never resolved. Actually nobody but Berys and Marik ever mentions it at all. It could have easily been edited out with no harm to the story. Not sure exactly why it was ever added.

My minor complaints aside, all in all its a great book. There are plenty of surprises to enjoy, less of the sappy romance (there was no time), some new romance and conflict with the old, some heartbreak, some cheers, plenty of action and as always complete immersion into the lives of the characters. I loved the story, I loved (or hated) the characters, I enjoyed the multiple first person method of writing and I adored the Kindred. Definitely a recommended read for anyone who enjoys a strong female protagonist and lots of dragons.

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