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Rhapsody Trilogy: Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon | Epic Fantasy | Series Summary

Rhapsody Trilogy: Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon | Epic Fantasy | Series Summary
Rhapsody: Child of Blood - Prophecy: Child of Earth - Destiny: Child of the Sky
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Rhapsody, Singer, Namer, former prostitute, Achmed, assassin, demon killer, part Dhracian part Firbolg, Grunther, weapons master and also part Firbolg all have a part to play in a prophecy spoken 1400 years in the future, a fact that they are completely unaware of. This is the story of their travels and travails, of love and loyalty, of heartache and hardship, of friendship and betrayal. In typical epic fantasy fashion its the fight of good against evil and while the evil is absolute, the good can be less then stellar at times, which is definitely an integral part of this trilogy's allure.

Epic Fantasy Series Review by Mulluane

The alliance of the Three is unusual to say the least. Rhapsody is both beautiful and talented. She is the type of strong-willed heroine who excels at everything she puts her mind to, be it healing or swordplay. But she is also beset by inner demons and angst. Ahmed is one of a rare breed of snake like people who have the ability to hear the heartbeat of any person, regardless of race. This has enabled him to become a ruthless assassin, its said that he has never failed an assignment. Grunthor is a giant, a green giant to be exact. He favors the Firbolg side of his heritage, fierce fighters, generally very primitive and feared for their habit of eating their victims. Fortunately Grunthor, due to his half blood status, is a bit more civilized then that and without a doubt my favorite character in the entire series.

The world Elizabeth Haydon has created here is very detailed and well thought out. There are a myriad of unique races, including dragons, though the main focus is only on a few. The systems of government are pretty straight forward. The various forms of religion are more complicated but not hard to follow, they all follow a similar pattern. The magic system is a joy to behold. Magic is based on five elements; water, fire, air, earth and ether, ether being associated with the power of the stars. Each of our main heroes is tied into an element. Achmed is tied into air, which gives him his ability to sense vibrations, like that of blood and the heart. Grunthor is tied into earth, being able to sense anything having to do with the firmament. Rhapsody is unique in that she is tied into fire, ether and air, only her affinity for vibrations takes the form of music.

This series has its flaws, the writing at times has too much telling instead of showing for my tastes. Granted that is my tastes though, some of you may very well enjoy the long detailed descriptions. The pace, especially in the first two books could be better but thats because there is a lot of setup for things that come later: but by no means is it a bad series. Together the three books tell a fascinating story that you may find you do not at all regret sticking around for. There is plenty of mystery to keep you turning pages to see what will happen next. There is a good dose of romance for you romance lovers, pretty detailed romance at that. There are plenty of battles and warfare for you martial types and if you love dragons as I do, you'll find plenty of those too.

These books are geared towards an adult audience, or atleast a mature one. The love scenes are very detailed, the violence is plentiful and there is some language but language these days is a very minor point. This series is a part of a greater whole but can stand on its own in that it is complete once you close the third book. You do need to read all three however to get the full story, each book in itself does does not stand on its own. For more details I highly suggest reading the individual reviews. Don't worry, I'm careful to not give anything away!

(Additional Info)
Author: Elizabeth Haydon

Genre: Epic Fantasy Series

Content: Dragons, Adult

Series: Rhapsody Trilogy: Symphony of Ages

Publisher: Tor Fantasy

Source: Personal Copies

Rating: 4/5 Stars
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Author does not maintain a web presence

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Epic Fantasy Series Summary of Rhapsody Trilogy: Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon
Reviewed by Mulluane on August 31 2008
Rating: 5 of 5

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