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Song in the Silence (Tales of Kolmar: Book 1) by Elizabeth Kerner

Song in the Silence (Tales of Kolmar: Book 1) by Elizabeth Kerner | Book Review
Author: Elizabeth Kerner
Genre: Epic Fantasy Series, Dragons, Young Adult 16+
ISBN-10: 0812550447
ISBN-13: 9780812550443
Publisher: Tor Fantasy; 1st edition (May 15, 1998)
Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
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Lanen Kaelar has dreamed all her life of dragons. Fantasies of meeting dragons, conversing with dragons, becoming a human ambassador to dragons fill her nights with joy and longing. Her days however are spent on Hadron's horse farm in the northwest of the Kingdom of Kolmar. Abandoned by her mother at a young age Lanen is raised by a father who barely notices that she exists and a gentle farm hand who treats her as the daughter of his heart. Then at the age of 24 her life changes, Hadron dies leaving her the farm and in doing so frees her to do what she has always wished, go in search of the True Dragons.

Her journey is full of unexpected surprises. During the first leg of her journey Jamie, the father of her heart, tells her the story of her mother and her true father. Much to her relief she discovers that Hadron was not her real father however there is still a mystery. It seems that there are two possible scenarios as to who actually fathered her and one may very well lead to her death as a sacrifice to demons.

This is a beautiful story written in a way that took me a bit to adjust to, but once I did I enjoyed it immensely. Elizabeth Kerner tells the story from a first person viewpoint but by switching between narrators with increasing frequency. Now you might think this could be confusing, jumping from inside one head to another, but the divisions are clearly defined with the name of the speaker titled at the top of the section in which they narrate. Interestingly enough, this method added incredible depth to the story as the reader can experience exactly how each player sees and feels about the unfolding events. I found myself connecting to each character on an intimate level and to say this engineers an emotional attachment is an understatement.

This book is an example of classic fantasy at its best. Granted its full of cliques: love at first sight, sappy romance, dark sorcery, interference of the gods, tiers of demons and larger then life dragons, but for all that its a great read. Lanen herself is not stereotypical. She is too tall, too strong, too plain and has a left hook that would fell an ox but she also possesses a very gentle heart. hard not to love a heroine like that! And I did, I also loved the dragons, hated Marik, admired Rella, wished the absolute destruction of the demons, mourned The Lost and all in record time as I absolutely flew through the pages of this book!

Mild cussing, mild violence, plenty of romance and low key references to love making, most of which is left to the reader's imagination. The protagonist is 24 which is uncommon for a YA book. I can comfortably recommend it for audiences 16+ but possibly younger, content isn't any worse than that seen on prime time TV. Besides that I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves dragons!

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Librarything Rating 4.03/5

Amazon Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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