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Tales of Kolmar by Elizabeth Kerner | Epic Fantasy | Series Summary

Author: Elizabeth Kerner
Publisher: Tor Fantasy
Genre: Epic Fantasy Series
Content: Dragons, 16+
Tales of Kolmar by  Elizabeth Kerner | Epic Fantasy | Series Summary

A Fantasy Series Summary

Ever since hearing a bard's tale Lanen Kaelar has dreamed dragons. She has fantasies of meeting and conversing with dragons; the first human to do so in thousands of years. But first she must find a way to escape from Hadron's horse farm. Abandoned by her mother when she was one years old Lanen is raised by Hadron, a father who by turns humiliates and ignores her. Fortunately there is Jamie, a gentle farm hand who treats her as the daughter of his heart. Then at the age of 24 her life changes, Hadron dies leaving her free to go in search of her dream, that of finding the True Dragons.

This series can only be described as a romantic adventure. Lanen embarks on her quest with little knowledge of the world and much to discover. Along the way she falls in love with the most unlikely of mates, makes friends with unusual characters, comes up against some formidable enemies, finds out some hidden truths about her origins and of course plays a part in saving the world! Throw in 3 different types of dragons and some really nasty demons and you have almost everything you could ever want from a fantasy series.

Elizabeth Kerner uses a multiple first person narrative. Each one of the main characters tells the story from their own perspective. I wasn't real sure that I liked it at first, she switched viewpoints frequently, but once you get used to it the method rocks. By telling the story in this way its all out there. There is no guesswork, you know exactly how each character feels, what they plan, what secrets they possess and how they see things. Ultimately this gives you a personal connection to every single character and you can't help but be pulled deeply into the story. Its not as hard to follow as you might think either. Each narrative section is clearly subtitled with the speaker's name. You do need to pay attention to those subtitles though, don't skip over them or you'll end up looking back up to see who is speaking. You also have to watch for new voices. New characters are not always *introduced* before they start narrating. But once you get used to the style its not at all hard to follow whats going on.

I loved this series. The pacing usually started off slow but then sped up considerably. The romance was a tad much at times, if I ever gush like the lovers here do, I hope somebody slaps me. Other then that, and at times what I felt was an over abundance of back story, I consider this to be one of the better dragon fantasies out there.

Love scenes galore, but nothing overly graphic. Mild language but not beyond what we all hear every day. Moderate violence but it takes alot to kill a demon! I feel more comfortable saying 16+ but it is probably ok for younger audiences depending on maturity. For more details please read the individual reviews. Great read!

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