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Devlin's Justice (Sword of Change: Book 3) By Patricia Bray

A Fantasy Series Book Review

By Patricia Bray

Devlin's Justice (Sword of Change: Book 3) By Patricia Bray Genre: Fantasy Series, Sword and Sorcery, Hero, Adult
ISBN: 0553584774
Publisher: Spectra (March 30, 2004)
Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
Having settled things in his homeland, atleast as much as they can be considering it is still under Jorsk rule, Devlin hurries back to Jorsk, fearing that he may already be too late. But things are much much worse then even he could imagine. King Olafar has slipped back into his old pattern of finding the easy way out, and in the process has all but given his kingdom away to enemies posing as allies. Worse of all he has given over his country's only chance of salvation, the Chosen One. Upon his arrival to the city Devlin disappears and now his friends must find a way to locate and rescue him before all is lost.

Of the three books in this series this one has the worse ratings. The focus, pace and theme completely changes. It becomes much darker, the focus shifts mainly to Devlin's friends and enemies and more attention is given to the war and the politics involved. Now I agree that there is a definite change but I disagree that it was a bad thing. For one, all that happens here further develops Devlin's character, and that of his friends. It all goes towards testing Devlin's honor, loyalty and his unshakable devotion to his oaths. The events that take place also test his friends and his enemies are in for more then their own share of surprises as they continue to underestimate him. Now this could be just the downside of a story that is so character driven. The story isn't as important and suffers for that. In any case I enjoyed this installment every bit as much as I did book one and two. Devlin did not disappoint me, even when he turns the tables on his kidnapper in a very horrific way. It made him even more human in my eyes, not less.

The ending is both complete and open ended. Most of the major issues are resolved but not all of the personal and emotional ones have a clear resolution. I actually appreciated this facet of the story. Life is like that, its an ongoing story, things don't end up neatly wrapped in ribbons and bows where everybody lives happily ever after. No one in this story ends it unchanged by the events that take place; events that will affect the rest of their lives in ways that they may not even realize at the time, a healthy dose of reality in what was otherwise a fantasy story. I liked it. Granted it may have been left that way to leave room for a future revisit to this series but I don't think so. I think its deeper then that. When you leave things alittle open at the end of a tale it makes you think and wonder and when you close the book on the characters you remember them longer. Or atleast I do.

The content is much darker, there is no romance so no problem there, the language is mild but the violence within the darker content does have some very gory aspects. It is aimed at an adult audience but even with the violent scenes of torture I doubt it would overly upset too many of today's older teens. Well worth the read in my opinion, especially if you are a hopeless romantic like me. Not the gushy love/sex type of romantic but the type who dreams of a world where things like honor, friendship, devotion and determination to prevail against all odds play a major role in our lives.

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