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Eye of the Labyrinth (Second Son Trilogy: Book 2)

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By Jennifer Fallon

Since the Age of Shadows ended, the people of Ranadon have lived under the merciless heat of two suns and the tyranny of Antonov, the Lion of Senet. Consumed by his lust for power and his unshakable belief in the capricious, almighty Goddess, Antonov’s rule is absolute. Only one man has the intelligence and will to break that hold…a man who could be King.

Suddenly widowed, Morna Provin, Duchess of Elcast, has lost her only protector. With her son banished for an unspeakable crime, she faces a horrifying fate at the hands of the Lion of Senet as retribution for her relationship with the heretic Johan Thorn. But it is only part of a cunning scheme to lure her son, Dirk Provin, back into the fold so Antonov can consolidate his power once and for all.

With his mother’s life at stake, Dirk Provin must emerge from hiding in the Baenlands and return to Elcast—setting in motion a rebellion that will expose long-buried secrets and ignite festering hatreds. For a ruler’s fears and a madman’s prophecy will start Dirk on a quest for truth that will spark a fierce battle between two very different men: one who believes only what his five senses tell him, the other obsessed by his faith in the divine. It is a clash that will bring to light a revelation that may shatter them all.

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Eye of the Labyrinth (Second Son Trilogy: Book 2)
Eye of the Labyrinth
| Genre: Science Fantasy
| ISBN-10: 0553586696
| ISBN-13: 9780553586695
| Content: Hero, Adventure, 16+
| Publisher: Spectra; Reprint edition (April 27, 2004)
| US Cover Illustrations: John Taylor Dismukes
| Mass Market Paperback: 528 pages
| Source: Personal copy
| Read an Excerpt
| Rating: 5 Stars

Fantasy Series Book Review by Mulluane

Its been two years since Dirk fled from Senet. Finding a home in the Baenlands with rebels and pirates Dirk is content to attempt to pry secrets from Nevis while helping in any way he can with the lowkey rebellion his new friends are undertaking. But that was before he gets word that his adoptive father is dead, his mother's protection withdrawn and the Lion of Senet intends to burn her alive in an attempt to draw Dirk back out in the open. Now Dirk can no longer take a behind the scenes role in the unfolding events. If he wants to ever be left alone he will have to take charge and revamp the entire world. But to what lengths is he willing to go to reclaim control of his life? Is no betrayal too much? Is no friendship too sacred? Things are not what they seem and Dirk has a plan, but that plan may very well cost him everyone he cares about and possibly even his life.

This story is just plain delicious. The complex politics, the multiple layers of intrigue, and the personal agendas all add up to a riveting read. This is one of those books you will find extremely hard to put down. Every page seems to add another twist or layer or flat out shock. You honestly have no idea what is going to happen next and if you think you have it figured out, think again because Dirk has more tricks up his sleeve then a magician. Heck, poor Dirk has to think fast on his feet too because his grand plan keeps hitting unexpected roadblocks so he ends up pretty much winging it as he goes along. I know, I'm gushing but I really love this book. The characters continue to grow and develop in leaps and bounds. You know that Dirk has a grand scheme in mind but you have absolutely no idea what it is or how he expects to pull it off without getting killed. There are a couple of romantic scenarios too that you likely expected would happen but when they do take twists that you could not have seen coming. I absolutely adore a story that keeps me constantly on my toes, quickly turning pages and shaking my head in disbelief.

There is one other thing that just tickles me to no end. Dirk almost never lies. The man will sit there and look you right in the eye and tell the complete truth, only its so improbable that nobody ever believes him. Talk about hiding in plain sight, Jennifer Fallon has wowed me with her writing talent once again.

The world building done, the characters introduced, Jennifer Fallon gets right into the story and the action. The first book was good, this one was great. The characters are far from cookie cutter, each one is extremely well fleshed out with individual quirks, hidden strengths and weaknesses, vibrant personalities and personal agendas you will either love or hate. The action is relentless, the story flows smoothly and the line between good and evil is rarely clearcut. One warning though, don't get so caught up in the - want to know what happens next - that you skim. Skimming in this book will cheat you out of some important details you'll really need to know later on. You can't afford to get lost here, there are way too many plots, subplots, twists, turns and surprises not to savor each and every one.

I've actually tried to find a flaw in this book, knowing full well that nothing is ever perfect but I just can't come up with anything. I'm sure there are some, somewhere, but I enjoyed it so much that whatever they are, they just don't matter. This is a cruel world so it follows that there are some cruel things that happen. Betrayal, torture, murder, heartbreak, guilt in large measures and infidelity all have a place here. There is a balance of love, friendship, loyalty against overwhelming odds, self sacrifice, and determination. Its a well balanced, fast paced and engrossing read I'd readily recommend to lovers of fantasy everywhere.

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Science Fantasy Book Review of Eye of the Labyrinth (Second Son Trilogy: Book 2) by Jennifer Fallon - Reviewed by Mulluane - on September 4 2008 - Rating: 5.0

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  1. I agree with your review, as this is one of my favorite series of the past few years. I really wish more people knew about it. Hopefully with your positive reviews so far, more people will check it out.


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