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Heralds of Valdemar (Series Summary)

A Fantasy Series Summary

Author: By Mercedes Lackey
Publisher: Daw
Genre: High Fantasy Series, Sword and Sorcery, 13+
Book Reviews: Arrows of the Queen - Arrow's Flight - Arrow's Fall

Thalia is summoned before all of her father's wives and at the tender age of 13 is given a choice. She can choose to become either a Firstwife or an Underwife but one thing is for sure, she must marry to a man of their choosing. Terrified beyond all sense Thalia flees in terror and stumbles into a being that before now had only existed in her dreams. Standing before her is a Companion, a magical being in the guise of a horse, but this is definitely no ordinary animal. Companions are only ridden by Heralds, the elite force of Valdemar that is in charge of the protection of the realm and travel around dispensing the Queen's justice. Thalia reasons that this Companion has become separated from its Herald and decides to return it to the capitol, beginning a journey that will take her right into the world of her dreams and beyond.

This trilogy follows Thalia from her 13th birthday as a member of a strict borderlands community to her installment as a Herald and Queen's Own. This was Mercedes Lackey's first trilogy involving the world of Valdemar and should be treated as such. You'll find poor editing, an over abundance of italics and a strange need to capitalize words but you'll also find a very sweet story. Mercedes Lackey creates a very interesting world with a fascinating system of magic and this trilogy is only the beginning. She goes on to write about and develop this world for many years to come, just getting better with each book.

Romance, magic, mystical beings, sword play, good character development, great worldbuilding, so so writing but don't fear, Mercedes Lackey gets MUCH better over time. This trilogy is light reading and a good start to a great series. There is very little in the way of objectionable material. Sex that is lacking in descriptive detail, violence is the same way and there is some language but nothing we don't pretty much all hear every day and nothing too harsh. Besides that its a good coming of age story. If you want to revisit the first stages of Valdemar (and Mercedes writing skill) or if you want to explore a new world this is a great place to start....right at the beginning of it all.

If you'd like more detail, you can use the book links above to read the individual reviews.

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