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Sword of Change by Patricia Bray (Series Summary)

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A Fantasy Series Summary

Author: Patricia Bray
Publisher: Spectra
Genre: Fantasy Series, Sword and Sorcery, Hero, Adult
Book Reviews: Devlin's Luck - Devlin's Honor - Devlin's Justice
Devlin Stonehand, former farmer, former blacksmith, once a gentle soul now wants nothing more then to die. But first he has obligations to be met, a family to see taken care of, then, and only then will he indulge in his wish. Off in a distant city he will find what he seeks. In the land of the conquerors who now rule his homeland a post has come available. Chosen One, defender of the realm, bound by a geas to fight evil and defend those who could not, or would not, defend themselves. A highly paid position, if one survived the binding ritual, but also a death sentence. It has been many years since a Chosen One has survived their first assignment. The post is perfect for his needs, the signing bonus will pay to allow those he leaves behind a chance at a new life and then he can die, with honor, the one thing Devlin has left.

Patricia Bray has created a fantasy series that takes the tenets of honor, loyalty, friendship, personal demons and indomitable will to new heights. Not only does she create characters to admire and sympathize with, she creates equally evil, weak and pathetic characters to offer balance. She explores the depths that a truly honorable person will go through to remain both true to his beliefs, his oaths, and in essence, himself. This is a great story and one that has stayed with me long after I closed the last pages.

This is very much a character driven series. The worldbuilding isn't a huge focus, though it is an interesting world. The magic system is not very well defined, it exists, there are good and evil versions of it, but it isn't widely practiced or very well understood. There is some swordplay, mystical monsters, evil mages, nasty politics (I love nasty politics), a war looming on the horizon and a weak King who is so afraid of doing something wrong, he never does anything. But all that is just backdrop. The real story is about Devlin, his trials, not only against the evils within and without the country of Jorsk, but also the struggles with his own personal demons. Its also about his friends, secondary characters that are as well done as Devlin himself. This is a story about characters, characters who grow, develop, and at times amaze. Its about all the traits that can be found in a good heart and being epic fantasy, it is about the fight of good against forces of evil.

This series is aimed at an adult audience. It deals with adult characters facing adult issues. In terms of violence, there is some but it doesn't go too far overboard in description for the most part (there are rare exceptions). There is no main romance, a few brushes with it, mainly by secondary characters, but no sex or serious relationships and there is some mild language, again, nothing overly graphic. It is readable by older teens, just may or not have the generally excepted appeal that a book aimed at a YA audience would have. I highly recommend this series myself. I love a good character driven story and the theme, that of old fashioned values involving friendship, loyalty and honor appeal to my romantic side. If this sounds like a story that might interest you I suggest reading the individual reviews for more detail. Great read!

Read an Interview with Patricia Bray

Available in Kindle, and eBook.
See individual reviews for more information.

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  1. This looks like a series I could enjoy. I love the idea of someone volunteering to become a "Chosen One". Sort of a twist on the whole "chosen one" thing. I may look for a copy.

    Tia (your comment form appears to be broken--I had to post anonymously.

  2. Ah well, guess the blogger beta embedded form still has bugs. Nobody else had reported it. Back to the full page version!

    Thanks Tia.


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