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The Fathomless Caves (Witches of Eileanan: Book 6)

By Kate Forsyth

The Fathomless Caves deals with the final confrontation with the Fairgean. Before his death, the blind prophet Jorge had foreseen the conjuring of a tidal wave by the sea-dwelling Fairgean, the people of Eileanan's bitterest enemies. Driven by ancient hatreds, the Fairgean have called upon dreadful powers to aid them in their quest to totally annihilate all those that dwell upon the land. As the time of the comet draws ever closer, Lachlan and Iseult try desperately to avert the terrible fate the seer had prophesied, testing their strength and love to the utmost.

Meanwhile, Isabeau must travel a dark and dangerous road to fulfil her own destiny. On her journey she must prove herself worthy of both the scar of the Soul-Sage and the ring of the sorceress. Facing old enemies and new, the most difficult challenge of all will be conquering the ghosts of her past. For if Isabeau is to heal the land, she first must find the way to healing her own troubled spirit ...*Blurb source Author*

The Fathomless Caves The Fathomless Caves

The Fathomless Caves by Kate Forsyth

| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| ISBN-10: 0451459024
| ISBN-13: 978-0451459022
| Publisher: Roc (November 5, 2002)
| Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
| Info from Random House au
| Source: Personal copy
| Rating: 5 Stars
Fantasy Series Book Review by Mulluane
The world of Eileanan has united for the first time in history, except for the sea-dwelling Fairgean, only they have refused to sign the Pact of Peace. The cost will be high, the fight will be brutal, and the Fairgean have plans that could very well destroy the entire world. Blinded by hate, determined to win back their world regardless of the price, the Priestesses of Jor intend to call on Kani, the goddess of fire and earth, volcanoes, earthquakes and lightening. Will the combined magic of witch and fae be enough to save them all from annihilation?

The entire cast comes together in this stunning conclusion. Some of our old friends play bigger parts then others but all of the loose ends are tied up. Love is tested, loyalty challenged, and sacrifices are made. This book provides us with a very satisfying, and in some ways, bittersweet ending to a vibrant and engrossing series. I was sad to close the book; I enjoyed every minute of this story and adored the characters.

One of the things that I truly admired about this series is how Kate Forsyth shows that villains are not always just evil, but may have legitimate reasons for what they do. The lengths they are willing to take to address the wrongs they have suffered may be extreme but by explaining their motives, you gain a bit of sympathy for the "bad" guys. She also did not make the war unrealistic. Good people die, others are saved, and in the end everybody loses - and wins - in one way or another. The result however is a world I would love to live in, a world based on tolerance, love and understanding. (OK, so I am a hopeless romantic, I admit it!)

The content is mild, and any lovemaking barely described. The violence as a rule is not graphic. There was one exception, where Isabeau goes into a bit more detail about what happened during her torture but it was necessary to the scene. The world building is excellent, the magic exceptionally researched, and the mix of human, dragon, mystical beasts and fae is delightful. If you like your fantasy to be full of magic and mystery, love and heartache, friendship and betrayal, loyalty and sacrifice, you will love this book, and this series.

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The Fathomless Caves

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Epic Fantasy Book Review of The Fathomless Caves (Witches of Eileanan: Book 6) by Kate Forsyth
Reviewed by Mulluane on October 08, 2008
Rating: 5 of 5

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