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The Forbidden Land By Kate Forsyth (Witches of Eileanan: Book 4)

By Kate Forsyth

Finn the Cat is bored with life as a banprionnsa. Nothing ever seems to happen at Castle Rurach, and she's always getting into trouble. A caravan of jongleurs arrive to break the monotony, but this is no ordinary caravan. Led by Dide the Juggler, the jongleurs have come on behalf of the Rìgh. Once again it seems as if Lachlan the Winged has particular need of someone with Finn's peculiar abilities...

Setting out on a clandestine journey that will take them beyond the Great Divide and into the Forbidden Land, the companions must face dangers that will test their courage and resolve to breaking point ... and beyond. *Blurb source Author*

The Forbidden Land By Kate Forsyth (Witches of Eileanan: Book 4)
| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| ISBN-10: 0451458281
| ISBN-13: 978-0451458285
| Publisher: Roc (May 1, 2001)
| Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
| Info from Random House au
| Source: Personal copy
| Rating: 5 Stars

Fantasy Series Book Review by Mulluane
Finn is bored to tears. Most people would be thrilled to discover that they were the long lost MacRuraich heir, and she did, at first. However, that was before the boredom set in. Finn really misses her life on the streets. Well, she does not miss the cold or the hunger, just the adventure. She wants to go back to a time when she was Finn the Cat-Thief. Even the battlefield would be preferable to needlework and history lessons. Fortunately she is about to get her wish. Righ Lachlan has need of her unique skills for a mission that only she has a chance of accomplishing, if she survives.

Kate Forsyth does it again by completely changing focus. This book covers Finn almost exclusively and it is a great tale of magic, adventure, friendship, harrowing danger, and horrific war. You will not find Isabeau or Megan in this book, and you will see very little of Lachlan or Iseult. You will get to spend some time with Dide, Enit, and the remains of the League of the Healing Hands. You will also meet Finn's too perfect cousin who is the NicSian heir.

Some readers have complained about the change of focus but I am not sure they realized how vital this tale is to the main storyline. Only those who go on this mission could possible tell the story in the way that it needs to be told and Kate Forsyth was brilliant in choosing Finn as the main protagonist. This girl has personality oozing out of every pore. She is funny, hardheaded, and independent to a fault and yet still maintains a believable level of innocence. Just the type of character you can root for. If you want to read more about Isabeau, well that happens in book five and will cover the same timeline as this book does.

The pace is great; there are things that happen that shocked me, both in good and bad ways. The character development is superb. The conclusion is very satisfying. There are some romantic elements here but more as a sideline. You do discover more about Dide's feelings and Finn, oh my, that girl is so blind! There is some violence, a bit of mild language and the focus shift takes us back into the lives of the younger characters. This is truly a book suitable for both young adult and adult readers. Besides that, it is just plain fun! Now I am off to go catch up on what Isabeau has been doing, see you when I am done.

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Epic Fantasy Book Review of The Forbidden Land (Witches of Eileanan: Book 4) by Kate Forsyth
Reviewed by Mulluane on October 14, 2008
Rating: 5 of 5

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