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The Pool of Two Moons By Kate Forsyth (Witches of Eileanan: Book 2)

By Kate Forsyth

As Eileanan nears its darkest hour, Meghan must gather rebel forces to move upon the city of Lucescere. There, the Rìgh lies near death and the Banrìgh, Maya the Ensorcellor and her babe stand to inherit his power. To end Maya's brutal reign and bring magic out of the shadows, what was broken must be brought together: Twin sisters who have never met ... three parts of an enchanted key ... and the winged man with the powers of the lost Lodestar...

"On the eclipse o' the two moons, all will be healed or broken, saved or surrendered ..."*Blurb source Author*

The Pool of Two Moons By Kate Forsyth (Witches of Eileanan: Book 2)
| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| ISBN-10: 0451456904
| ISBN-13: 978-0451456908
| Publisher: Roc (March 1, 1999)
| Info from Random House au
| Mass Market Paperback: 560 pages
| Source: Personal copy
| Rating: 5 Stars

Fantasy Series Book Review by Mulluane
Iseult, Lachlan, and Megan O' the Beasts are running out of time. The three parts of the key must be joined together in order for Lachlan to recover the Lodestone and claim his rightful inheritance. There are many obstacles in their path. The Bright Soldiers are planning an invasion, Maya the Unknown has her Red Guard and witch-sniffers out looking for the trio, and Margrit of Arran has her own reasons to want them dead.

This book almost completely changes focus, with the spotlight on Iseult and Lachlan. We also get glimpses of the ever-growing rebel forces and Isabeau does play a part, just not one that gets as much page time. The good thing about this is we have the already well-created characters that were showcased in book one, and now we get to see new characters developed. This eliminates the normal second book blues. If anything, this book was better. Rarely have I ever done a book review that showed a five star rating on Amazon, though the other ratings at the bottom of this page were not so generous.

As for me, I am leaning towards five stars myself. The pace was great, there was both a realized and a budding romance to enjoy, Megan provides some humor, and there were some definite surprises along the way. Besides that, I am becoming accustomed to the dialog and spending less time stumbling through it. The characters are extremely endearing, the magic system is very well researched and depicted. The ending is more conclusive and very tragic in several ways but it still leaves plenty of options open to make you want to grab up book three, and quickly!

Any sex that takes place is largely left up to your imagination, the violence less so, but overall there is not much description there either. The dialog might be challenging to a younger teen but challenge is good right? Fun, fun read, and very engrossing. Let’s see if book three delivers as well!

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Librarything Rating 3.89/5

Amazon Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars
(37 customer reviews)

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Epic Fantasy Book Review of The Pool of Two Moons (Witches of Eileanan: Book 2) by Kate Forsyth
Reviewed by Mulluane on October 18, 2008
Rating: 5 of 5

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