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The Skull of the World by Kate Forsyth (Witches of Eileanan: Book 5)

By Kate Forsyth

Isabeau has remained in exile on the Spine of the World, for Lachlan has not forgiven her for saving Maya from death and giving the Ensorcellor back her daughter Bronwyn. Isabeau is unhappy that her actions should be so misunderstood, but gains some measure of peace getting to know her parents and spending each winter with the Khan'cohbans as the queen-dragon had commanded. The time comes when she must undertake her journey of initiation to the Skull of the World, where the cruel and enigmatic Gods of White will reveal her destiny to her. On this journey she will face many dangers but by overcoming them, will finally discover her true Talent.

She is at last free to return to Lucescere and the Tower of Two Moons, where she plans to study to be a sorceress. Meanwhile, Iseult and Lachlan have been busy with the invasion of Tìrsoilleir. While they are away fighting the Bright Soldiers, Margrit the Thistle kidnaps their son Donncan, the heir to the throne, and her grandson, Iain's son Neil. There is no-one but Isabeau left in Lucescere to try and save them. Alone, she has to try and vanquish Margrit, the cruellest and most subtle sorceress in the land ..*Blurb source Author*

The Skull of the World by Kate Forsyth (Witches of Eileanan: Book 5)
| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| ISBN-10: 0451458699
| ISBN-13: 978-0451458698
| Publisher: Roc; d edition (February 1, 2002)
| Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
| Info from Random House au
| Source: Personal copy
| Rating: 5 Stars

Fantasy Series Book Review by Mulluane
Isabeau may be the most powerful witch in generations but she still has a lot to learn. Following the instructions given her by the dragon queen, Isabeau must spend six months out of the year with her faery kin and the other six months with her parents in the Towers of Roses and Thorns. The time she must spend on the Spine of the World provides her with not only instruction into the faery half of her magic, but lessons in humility and self-defense. Once she is deemed ready by her grandmother the Firemaker, she must journey to the Skull of the World to claim both her name and her totem. However, her training will not stop there. If she succeeds in her quest, she must then journey back to the Tower of Two Moons to complete her training in the use of the One Power and gain her Sorceress rings and full status within the coven. That is a lot to accomplish for a girl who is only 22 years old!

As promised, the focus is once again on Isabeau. This book closely follows the pattern set in book four by focusing on Isabeau's adventures almost exclusively. Kate Forsyth then masterfully manages to bring this story right in line with the events portrayed in book four so that by the end of the book, both stories converge seamlessly. There is also what I am assuming is a setup for book six in that we get a few inside glimpses into the Fairgean. It all makes for some very interesting reading. However, that is not all. As if Isabeau is not facing enough challenges, Margit of Arran kidnaps both the Righ’s son and his cousin and our poor heroine is framed for the crime! This puts her in the position of having to go rescue the two boys and leads to a surprise encounter with a previous character.

Fans of Isabeau will be pleased, fans of the entire series will be even more so. Kate Forsyth has several very impressive talents. The level of research, the characterization, the way she weaves the story lines together and the pace are all indicative of a master storyteller. I love the way she gives hints of what is coming, without giving anything away. For example, in this book, she tells a story about the Fairgean that has no real purpose or bearing on the main storyline, but it does not interrupt the flow either. There is no possible reason for the story except to prepare and make you look forward to events that will occur in book six. Well, that combined with the cliffhanger ending. Believe me when I tell you I am really looking forward to finding out how everything ties together and concludes!

The content is appropriate for both adults and young adults. The romance is lacking in this book but it never really played a huge part anyway. This book is mainly about Isabeau coming into her full powers and finding out what her Talent is, and what a talent! If you love this series, you will not be disappointed with this book. If you have not started reading this series yet, well what are you waiting for! As for me, well I'm off to lose myself in book six and I have a feeling I will be really sad once this journey is over.

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Epic Fantasy Book Review of The Skull of the World (Witches of Eileanan: Book 5) by Kate Forsyth
Reviewed by Mulluane on October 11, 2008
Rating: 5 of 5

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