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The Dragoncrown War Cycle by Michael Stackpole | Series Summary

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A great evil is rising to power in the north and all of the southern lands are in danger of conquest. Dangerous times call for great heroes and according to prophecy, the greatest of these will be The Norrington. Bloody battles will be fought, friends will be made and lost, cities will be destroyed, but in the end, the fate of the south will rest on a mere handful of people. First, these heroes will be tempered by blood, fire, betrayal, and loss. Only then will the south be able to defeat the armies of the evil Sorceress Chytrine.

This is an amazing series full of choreographed battles, well-crafted characters, a believable world, and a well thought out magic system. The Dark Glory World sets the stage, the subsequent trilogy tells the story, and together they make up a masterful work of epic proportions.

Now, I do not call myself much of an expert on all things military but Michael A. Stackpole has greatly advanced my meager knowledge. The meticulous research and descriptive detail made reading this a joy. Each book has its own style. The prequel is the only book told in first person and focuses primarily on the impending warfare and the world building. The first book of the trilogy takes place 25 years later and focuses on introducing new characters and giving more up to date info on the old ones. In addition, it sets the stage for the resurgence of Chytrine and her armies. When Dragons Rage focuses on developing the characters and has the fewest battle scenes but The Grand Crusade will make up for that and in spades. This series also differs slightly from other epic fantasy stories in that it makes use of technology in addition to magic. Mechanized warriors, cannons, and rudimentary uses of gunpowder (called firedirt) play a part in the battles. Dragons, elves, fairies, giants, and gunpowder are not a combination you run across very often! All in all, a very exciting adventure and a real pleasure to get lost in.

There has been a lot of discussion lately on what constitutes YA verses adult literature and the jury is still out. I usually try to put forth an opinion on reading level and interest, asking that you keep in mind it is only my opinion. This feels like more of an adult series to me. The battle scenes are very gory, head lopping, limbs flying, blood gushing, and entrails spilling all portrayed in exacting detail. There are love scenes which contain low to moderate detail and I do not even consider language (swear words and the like) as an issue in this day and time. Not that I recall there being any, probably were, I just did not notice. Basically, if you love detailed military action with a little sex thrown in, you will love this series. If you want more detail, I highly suggest checking out the individual book reviews. Meanwhile this series earns a place on my reread several times shelf.

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The Grand Crusade

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Author: Micheal A. Stackpole

Series: DragonCrown War Cycle 

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Content: Dragons, Adult Themes, Military

Publisher: Spectra

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  1. Nice! Sounds like you liked the series as much as I did when I read it a few years ago. I think I need to reread it soon (if not for the massive to be read pile i will never get through).


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