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Rai Kirah by Carol Berg (Series Summary)

An Epic Fantasy Series Review

Transformation by Carol BergRevelation by Carol BergRestoration by Carol Berg
Transformation (Rai Kirah)Rai Kirah by Carol Berg - Revelation (Rai Kirah)Rai Kirah by Carol Berg - Restoration (Rai Kirah)Rai Kirah by Carol Berg
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Rai Kirah is not your typical series but Seyonne and Aleksander are not your typical heroes. Seyonne is an Ezzarian, member of a reclusive race whose task is to fight demons. In addition, Seyonne is a former Warder, one of the elite warriors who do the actual battle for a human's soul. Aleksander is a Prince of the realm and heir to the Dezhi Empire. Cold, arrogant, cruel, and intolerant, on the surface, Aleksander is your typical spoiled despot. However, if there is one central tenet of this series it is that nothing is ever exactly as it appears. When we meet Seyonne, he is a slave and has been for 16 years. In order to survive, Seyonne has learned to live only in the moment, eradicating all emotions, hopes, and dreams. This is until he becomes a slave scribe to Prince Aleksander and sees that within his new master there is the blinding light of destiny. To make matters more complicated, demons arrive on the scene and Seyonne discovers that he must honor his oaths, even if it means his life.

This is a fascinating series where nothing is ever black or white. Demons are not considered evil but simply true to their nature. Aleksander has the potential to be the savior of the world, if Seyonne can teach him humanity - and keep him alive. Seyonne is complicated beyond simple explanation. Carol Berg creates not one, but three distinct worlds for her characters and does so in vivid detail. (4 if you count the internal landscapes where Warders enter into a person's soul to battle the demons.) She also manages to pull off writing in first person, Seyonne being the only narrator throughout. In addition, Carol Berg's system of magic is unusual and well thought out. This series has a lot going for it!

Transformation, the first book is exceptional. The characters jump off the page and dive right into your heart. The plot twists are delightful and keep you on your toes. This is true throughout the series but in my opinion, book one is one of the best fantasy stories I have ever read. The remainder of the series is good, but Transformation is excellent. Books 2 and 3 concentrate more on the origins of the demons and, in my opinion, less on the characters. For me, this is a slight drawback but my fascination with the story helps to make up for this. For others, this fact does not play into their enjoyment of the series at all so please take my opinions with a grain of salt.

The main protagonists are adults, the battle and torture scenes are graphic, but there are NO love scenes. I feel like this series will hold more interest for adults, though as long as you do not object to intense torture and gory battle, teens will find value in the issues that are explored. The pacing in Transformation is flawless, it is less so in the following books but the story and the plot twists still make them all fun reads. For more information on all three books, I highly suggest reading the individual reviews. For something different, a bit dark and often times intense, I recommend this series.

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Author: Carol Berg

Genre: Epic Fantasy series,

Content: Hero, Sorcerers, Adult

Series: Rai Kirah

Publisher: Roc

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