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Revelation by Carol Berg (Rai Kirah Trilogy: Book 2)

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Two years after his battle with the Lord of Demons, Seyonne is tired, troubled, angry, and frustrated. As Ezzaria's only remaining Warden, he carries the entire burden of the worsening demon war on his shoulders. But a demon encounter unlike any in Ezzarian memory leads Seyonne to question everything he has ever believed. And his search for a demon-possessed child becomes the search for his own soul and the soul of his people.

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Epic Fantasy Book Review of Revelation (Rai Kirah Trilogy: Book 2) by Carol Berg

| Author: Carol Berg
| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| ISBN-10: 0451458427
| ISBN-13: 9780451458421
| Publisher: Roc (August 8, 2001)
| Mass Market Paperback: 496 pages
| Revelation cover art by Matt Stawicki
| Content: Hero, Sorcerers, Adult
| Source: Personal copy
| Read an Excerpt
| Rating: 4 Stars
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Revelation (Rai-Kirah, #2)

Epic Fantasy Book Review by Mulluane

♦ The Story. Seyonne has returned to his old life but not unchanged. Despite being the only experienced Warder and fighting 3-4 demons a day, Seyonne finds that his entire attitude has changed. Now he has questions, questions about demons, and questions about the long held beliefs of his people. Then Seyonne faces a demon the likes of which he has never seen before. This demon has no malicious intent, does not feed on pain and fear, but delights in art and beauty. Seyonne, confused, allows the demon to live and earns further distrust from his own people. This combined with a personal tragedy will send Seyonne on a quest, a quest for the truth about demons and the task given to his people to fight them. I can promise you this, the answers he finds will surprise you.

♦ My Thoughts. This book does not flow nearly as well as the first. Parts of Seyonne's quest for answers just seem to stall for long periods. Then, suddenly, the story takes off and there is a wild ride towards the conclusion. Overall, I was thrilled with all of the "revelations" found in this story. I saw some of them coming; others took me completely by surprise. There were times when I got frustrated, "Come on, get on with the story will ya!" Other times I wanted to go, "Whoa! Slow down a minute, that is a lot to absorb." Still, I would not have skipped this book for the world; I loved how Carol Berg handled the demons, their world, and their origins.

♦ Conclusion. This story is less of a stand-alone then the first. While it ties up the main story line, there are many unanswered questions remaining. There is, once again, plenty of violence and torture in sections of the story and it is graphic. It is also easy to skip over if you need to. Even though I found the pace to be very uneven, it is a great story, peopled by interesting and sympathetic characters. I am definitely intrigued by this tale and I am looking forward to seeing how everything is resolved in book 3.

Read the interview Orbit Books did with Carol Berg following the publication of Revelation

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Epic Fantasy Review of Revelation (Rai Kirah Trilogy: Book 2) by Carol Berg
Reviewed by Mulluane on November 18, 2008
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

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  1. I agree completely - the first book was more engaging and the pacing was better but this one still had some interesting moments. I did very much enjoy reading about the different revelations. The relationship between Seyonne and Aleksander was one of my favorite aspects of the first book so I missed it being as relevant in this one.

    Have you read any of her other books? This is my favorite series of hers (and Transformation is definitely my favorite of her novels) but I also enjoyed her stand alone novel Song of the Beast and the Lighthouse duology.

  2. I have read Song of the Beast but not the duology. I'll have to look that one up when money isn't so tight :)


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