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A Chronicle of the King's Blades by Dave Duncan (Series Summary)

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A Sword and Sorcery Series Review by Mulluane

Chronicles of the King's Blades is a collection of three books set in the same world as Dave Duncan's Tales of the King's Blades. Each book is a solid standalone, though I do suggest reading the first three before these or you may find yourself confused about the types of magic used. Blades are skilled warriors who are bound to the King, or a person of his choosing, by a complicated ritual. Once bound, the Blade will protect his Ward with blind devotion and loyalty, doing whatever it takes to keep his Ward safe, even if that means defying his Ward's wishes.

The books in this series expand the world of the King's Blades, taking them to new places and exposing them to new cultures and forms of magic. Each book also challenges its hero in new and different ways, stretching the limits of their bond and forcing them to come up with some creative solutions. I loved Paragon Lost and Impossible Odds, both were extremely fun reads and definite page-turners. I liked Jaguar Knights a little less but it was still a good read.

Lots of swordplay, great characterizations, plenty of sex, drama and violence plus interesting world building. If you love sword and sorcery with a bit of romance thrown in and plenty of intrigue and mystery to keep the pages turning, you will love these books. These stories have an adult feel to them, there is plenty of sex and violence but none of it is overly graphic in detail. Good all around fun fantasy. For more information, I suggest reading the individual reviews. Especially in this case since the three books do not follow a common story making it hard to summarize the series as a whole.

My Book Reviews of: Paragon Lost - Impossible Odds - The Jaguar Knights

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Author: Dave Duncan

Genre: Sword and Sorcery

Content: Heroes, Adult

Series: A Chronicle of the King's Blades

Publisher: Harper Collins / Eos

Source: Personal Copies
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Sword and Sorcery Series Summary of A Chronicle of the King's Blades by Dave Duncan - Reviewed by Mulluane - on December 5 2008 - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

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  1. Very nice series review and each book review as always :) And I should consider buy this series ;)


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