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The Wayfarer Redemption: Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass (Series Summary)

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Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass
The Wayfarer Redemption: Book One ~ Enchanter: Book 2 - Starman: Book 3)
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This is a prophecy driven series and the prophecy, like most, is vague enough to be misinterpreted at times. This makes it possible to have more twists and turns then a slinky while providing a lot of entertainment as the reader tries to figure it all out. The prophecy comes in three parts, and each book follows a section of the prophecy, with just a bit of overlapping.

Fantasy Series Review by Mulluane

1000 years ago, a new God took over the lands of Tencendor and drove out all of the magical races and the former gods. The new god, Artor, then creates a religion based on the Way of the Plow and sets about destroying all the forests and turning as much of the countryside into farms as possible. Renamed the Forbidden Ones, the magical races become little more the myths used to frighten children. However, a new threat is forming in the far north and if Tencendor is to survive, all three races, Icarii, Avar and Acharites (humans), must reunite before their world is destroyed.

For the most part, this is a great example of classic epic fantasy. You have a band of unlikely and reluctant heroes and heroines. You have a battle of good versus evil and you have different magic systems used by several magical races. Add to that some detailed worldbuilding, religious intrigue and some romance, then toss in some war, betrayal and tragedy and you have a true page turning adventure.

Now this series is not without its faults but most of them, as far as I am concerned, are minor ones. What this series does excel at are awesome characters, the type you can really get behind, or really hate. When that is the case, I find myself forgiving any minor annoyances. This is an adult series but the content is such that it could very well appeal to teen readers. It is at times dark, tragic, and violent, but any sex is implied and the language is mild. It is a very complicated book though, the POV changes frequently and the cast of characters is huge and varied.

This series was released as a six book set in the US but as two trilogies in other countries. For the purpose of this review, I am going with the dual trilogy idea and for now, I plan to just review the Axis Trilogy. In addition, the name of the first book differs. In the US, book one is The Wayfarer Redemption while in other places it was titled Battleaxe.

For more detailed information, I suggest reading the individual book reviews.

Book Reviews of: The Wayfarer Redemption/Battle Axe - Enchanter - Starman

(Additional Info)

Author: Sara Douglass

Genre: Epic Fantasy Series

Content: Hero/Heroine

Series: Axis Trilogy

Publisher: Tor Fantasy

Source: Personal Copies

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Epic Fantasy Book Review of The Wayfarer Redemption: Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass - Reviewed by Mulluane - on December 14 2008 - Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

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