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Path of Honor (Path Series: Book 2) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

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Path of Honor by Diana Pharoah Francis

A Fantasy Series Book Review

By Diana Pharaoh Francis

Genre: Epic Fantasy, 16+
ISBN: 0451459911
Publisher: Roc (December 7, 2004)
Paperback: 400 pages
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Author's Blurb:
Reisil arrives in Koduteel, only to be met with chill suspicion. Even her fellow ahalad-kaaslane doubt her loyalty. When her healing magic fails to stop a deadly plague, Reisil finds herself ostracized and powerless. She is forced to turn for help to the wizards who want her destroyed. And she is alone—she cannot even trust her best friends...

Publisher's Blurb:
Two years after Reisil's arrival, Kodu Riik is decimated by plague and famine. And now a race of sorcerers is trying to take over. Reisil's power is feared by the nobility, others wish to exploit her, and her fellow ahalad-kaaslane begin to doubt her loyalty, as her healing magic fails to stem the rising plague. But Reisil will discover that although she has lost her power to heal, she now possesses a surging new ability-to destroy.
The story resumes 2 years after the events in Path of Fate. Life for Reisel is not as rosy as she had envisioned and soon she will be faced with some tough choices. If she chooses the wrong path, two worlds will be destroyed. All in a day's work for our heroine right?

Many new characters, another whole world, and The Lady has withdrawn, leaving the ahalad-kaaslane powerless and confused. There is a plague and droughts ravaging the land, strange and deadly monsters are appearing and as if this all is not enough, the Iisand (think king) has gone into seclusion. The stage is set for a world torn apart by famine, disease, civil war, and nasty politics. Lots of action, intrigue, and mystery fill these pages making this book a bit darker then the previous and a whole lot busier.

What I did not like. The beginning was a bit confusing; surprising considering that I put down book one and immediately picked up book two. Events are discussed, making me believe that maybe I missed something in book one, only to be explained later. The story here is much darker, which was disconcerting after the relatively light style of the first. Not that I have any problem with dark, was just a surprise. As complicated as those book is, there were also some important questions that I felt were left unaddressed. Big unanswered questions always distract me, almost like that feeling you get when you know you have forgotten something, but for the life of you, you cannot remember what. No, I am not going to tell you what questions! That would be a spoiler...

What I liked. Reisil and her goshawk companion are intriguing characters. The problems I had with Reisil's unlimited power in book one are solved in book two as it appears that she has lost all of her powers. Whereas the main theme in book one was sacrifice, book two concentrates more on finding answers. There are mysteries popping up on almost every page (maybe too many actually) and Reisel has to struggle constantly to find her path. There are no easy answers; no unlimited power to use to "fix" things, no goddess to conveniently bail her out, and no friends in her corner, Reisil is truly on her own. Well she has her wonderful bond with Saljane, her goshawk, but even the bird is extremely cryptic with her answers. If anything, I liked this book better because there are no easy outs. There is also the addition of a love interest who has a coal drake as a companion. Hey! If I cannot have dragons, I will gladly take drakes instead!

Content is dark, tragic and grisly at times. There are some disturbing torture scenes, plague and famine are never pretty, and some of the "bad" guys in this tale are truly evil and depraved. The pace is fast though, alot happens and the story clips right along. There is also a cliffhanger ending, unlike book one, so it is a good thing that you can go straight on to book three! This book is not the type that will "wow" you but it is a good read and a great adventure. If you enjoy reluctant heroines, animal companions, do not object to dark content and want a story where there are more questions then there are answers, this is well worth a read. Now on to book three to see if some of those questions get answered!

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  1. I read your review with interest because I stil don't knwo whether I want this trilogy or not. I was suprised when I read that the story is partly getting dark and grisly. Anyway I look forward to your review of Path of Blood.


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