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Worldweavers by Alma Alexander (Series Summary)

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A Fantasy Series Review

Worldweavers by Alma Alexander
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The Worldweavers trilogy by Alma Alexander is a unique blend of magic, technology, spirituality, ancient cultures and alien races. I can hear you now going "huh?" How do you mix all that and make it work? Well all I can tell you is that this is why Alma Alexander is an author and I am not. She not only pulls off this feat of creativity, she does so in some interesting and fun ways.

This is the story of Thea, a magicless girl in a magical world. In many ways, Thea is not so different from teenage girls in our reality. She has school, friends, annoying siblings, and parents who do not understand her. She has fears, doubts, and insecurities. She also has aliens who will pay any price to possess her, a world that expects her to be the most powerful mage to ever have been born, and an aunt who can smell emotions.

Intrigued yet? Well, all is not fun, games and magic spells for our poor wannabe mage. You see, she has not shown a glimmer, not even a smidgen of a hint of this awesome magical power she is supposed to possess. As a result she is the butt of her sibling's jokes, a severe disappointment to her parents, considered by her teachers at magic school to be a hopeless case and if that is not bad enough, is facing being sent to the Wandless Academy. Or, as Thea calls it, "The Last Ditch School for the Incurably Incompetent."

The Worldweavers trilogy is a coming of age story filled with difficult choices and emotional turmoil. It is also about love, faith, the loyalty of good friends, conquering your fears and dealing with the consequences of your actions. If it was about just these issues alone, it would be a great story, but set in Alma Alexander's vivid and original world, it entertains as well. The result is a delightful series that will keep you in empathy with the characters and turning pages way past your normal bedtime.

Adults will find this a fun read that will bring back memories of their time as a teenager while wishing that our world was a bit more like the one Thea lives in. Teens will be entertained by the uniqueness of Thea's world while identifying with some, if not all of the issues that Thea and her friends face. It is a delightful read for almost any age.

If you want more information on this series, I suggest reading the individual reviews where I go into a bit more detail. (Though not too much!) Highly recommended for lovers of character driven fantasy, especially those who are looking for something with unique settings and interesting adventures.

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Author: Alma Alexander

Series: Worldweavers

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, 12+

Publisher: Harper Teen

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  1. Great summery! I've read some good things about this series before, I think I should check them out. Cheers!

  2. The first book is somewhere between the US and the UK, and I can't wait to read it!

  3. Jo.

    You should! It is a great series.


    Oddly appropriate. The books are weaving their way through the world to get to you.

  4. This sounds interesting enough, I think these are going on my (off-line) wishlist. {Smile}

    Thanks. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  5. OMG thanks for another great book review :P
    Your blog is really inspirational x


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