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Shadow Gate (Crossroads, Book 2)

Author: Kate Elliott

The captivating, bestselling Spirit Gate swept readers into the turbulent world of the Hundred, where the peace and order of life under the protection of the immortal Guardians has given way to chaos and violence. In the face of a vast horde of marauders led by a rogue Guardian, the bravery and resourcefulness of a lone eagle-reeve and others who risk their lives for the common good have prevented death and destruction from overwhelming the Hundred.

In Shadow Gate, the enthralling sequel, the source of corruption of the Guardians is still a mystery to the mortals who fight to withstand the forces that have turned against them. And when three new Guardians emerge, a struggle begins among the immortals, with nothing less at stake than the future of the land and its gods.

With all the color, excitement, and narrative power that have made Kate Elliott an enormously popular writer, Shadow Gate weaves a powerful spell of action, romance, and magic that will entrance legions of readers.

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Shadow Gate (Crossroads, Book 2) by Kate Elliott

| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| Content: Adult, Heroes
| ISBN-10: 0765349310
| ISBN-13: 9780765349316
| Mass Market Paperback: 792 pages
| Publisher:  Tor Books; (March 31, 2009)
| Cover Design: Micheal Kaluta
| Source: Personal copy
| Read an Excerpt
| Rating: 5 Stars
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Shadow Gate (Crossroads, #2)

♥ Mini Review ♥
Book two flowed just as smoothly as book one. Alot like a talented dancer who moves seamlessly from one form into the next. A beautiful thing to experience.

Now, as to the details. Spoiler free of course.

Fantasy Series Book Review by Mulluane

♦ My Thoughts. You will not find mythical creatures like elves, dwarves, unicorns and dragons. Instead there are giant eagles and winged horses. The eagles are not exactly magical unless you consider their size and the fact that they were created by the gods. They are controllable, barely, and do have personalities of a sort. No different then any other animal. Some are even-tempered, while some are cantankerous. Much like their reeves. One thing I found to be original is that the eagles are not ridden astride, as you might expect. Instead the "rider" is carried in a harness against the eagle's breast. What a great idea! So much more logical then flying on their backs, as you will discover if you read the book. Likewise, as far as I can tell, atleast for now, the winged horses have no truly magical abilities either, aside from flying of course. So if you are looking for talking horses or eagles with telepathy, you will not find that here.

There are a few other things I would like to touch on that I did not mention in the review of Spirit Gate. This is very much a story about war. Almost every character, regardless of origin, has or is affected by one war or another. There is magic and a few folks with what I consider mystical abilities but only a select few. However, the story has more of a focus on the struggle of good against evil and the will to survive against all odds. It also does not hold back in regards to the tragedies of war. No sugar coating here. Every facet of human nature and the lengths of cruelty it is capable of, are fully realized. Definitely not a light read and while there is some romance, again it is not a main focus.

♦ Conclusion. But, the various wars, and their consequences are what makes it such a page turner. The story is populated with complicated people dealing with complicated issues, each in their own individual way. It is fascinating to see how each person handles the challenges they face. No two characters view things in the same way, nor do they react in the same manner. The skillful use of backstory offers insight and clarity into each personality as the tale moves along at a fast clip. I can't wait to see how it all comes together in book three! Easy to see why this series is a best seller.

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Series Summary ~ Books One ~ Book Three

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Epic Fantasy Book Review of Shadow Gate (Crossroads, Book 2) by Kate Elliott - Reviewed by Mulluane - on June 14 2013 - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

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