Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fantasy and Fantasy Author Forums

Beautiful Unicorn

Note: as of 11/21/13 all forums confirmed online though a few do not appear to be active. If you discover a broken link, please leave a comment and I'll remove it. 

Allreaders (Each listed author has a message board)

Bellaonline: The Voice of Women

Best Fantasy Books Forum

Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges, Chris Roberson, Mark Finn, and Bill Williams

Brent Weeks

Bright Weavings Forums (Guy Gavriel Kay)

British Fantasy Society

Candlekeep: Forgotten Realms

Chamber of Secrets

Clara Bell

Creative Writing

David B. Coe (no longer active)

Diane Duane

Elizabeth Bear (not active)

Shadow Unit: *Elizabeth Bear, Emma Bull, Amanda Downum, Sarah Monette, Leah Bobet, Holly Black, Chelsea Polk*

Eoin Colfer

Epic Fantasy Rocks! (My fledgling Forum)

Epic Reads

Erik Scott de Bie ( Forgotten Realms )

Exiles (Melanie Rawn)

Fantasy Faction

Fantasy Freaks

Holly Lisle

J. V. Jones

James Barclay

Jennifer Fallon


Meg Cabot

Neil Gaiman Message Board

Paul Kemp

Peter F. Hamilton

Ranting Dragon

Reads! (Fantasy Matters)

RT Book Reviews

SciFi UK

SF Site

SFcrowsnest.net: The genre media magazine Forums

Strange Horizons

Tad Williams

Terry Brooks Forum

Terry Pratchett

The SF Reviews

Voyager Online

Warren Ellis

Westeros (Song of Ice & Fire)

And not a forum but a thingy....

TagShadow (a quantitative visual SFF book recommendation ... thingy)

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