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Covenants ( A Borderlands Novel: Book 1)

Covenants By Lorna Freeman

A Fantasy Series Book Review

By Lorna Freeman

Genre: Fantasy Series, Young Adult
Publisher: Roc (May 4, 2004)
Paperback: 560 pages
Available in ebook: No
Publisher's Blurb:
Rabbit is a trooper on the Border Guards, just another body in the King's army. But when his patrol encounters a Faena-one of the magical guardians of an uneasy ally-Rabbit is thrust into a political and magical intrigue that could start a war. Because Rabbit isn't just another trooper. He is the son of nobility-and a mage who doesn't know his own power...
If you love Fantasy as much as I do, this is a must read book. It has something for everybody, dragons, fae of all types, ghosts, murder, mayhem and of course magic, lots of magic.

The story centers around a young man with the unusual name of Rabbit, who runs away from his humble farming background to become a soldier and in his words *see the world*. The world however is full of things that are not at all what they appear to be.

Every page seems to reveal yet another twist, turn or surprise that will keep you reading far into the night. And the one with the most hidden secrets of all may just be Rabbit himself! Reading this book was a rollicking journey that had its share of gasps, anticipation, chuckles and a few honest belly laughs that had my cat looking at me like I was crazy. I highly recommend it to all Fantasy lovers.

Covenants: A Borderlands Novel (Borderland (Roc))
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