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Forgotten Truth by Dawn Cook ( Book 3 of 4 )

A Fantasy Series Book Review

By Dawn Cook

Genre: Fantasy Series, 13+
ISBN: 0441011179
Publisher: Ace (November 25, 2003)
Paperback, 384 pages

Forgotten Truth by Dawn Cook ( Book 3 of 4 )

Publisher's Blurb:
Alissa is the only student living in the Hold, learning a millennium's worth of magic from the last surviving Master. Even shapeshifting to her dragon-like raku form is becoming second nature. But when a spell goes awry, Alissa is transported back four centuries to an era when the Hold and its city thrive with magic students and their tutors.

Separated from the man she loves by four hundred years, Alissa's distress and confusion are causing her to lose control of her shapeshifting. If she can't return to her own time, Aliss will be permanently transformed into her bestial form—with no memory of her human life...
Dawn Cook does an amazing job in this third book in creating a fascinating back story, neatly tying together elements mentioned or hinted at in her first 2 books.

Alissa does it again, breaks all the rules by simply having no idea a thing "simply can't be done!" She accidentally transports herself back 400 generations with no idea how she did it or a clue as to how to get back. The world building is back in full force plus in depth insights into the characters we've grown to love, and a few we have only heard about. The romance plot takes a new twist, and a few turns. And, along the way, as with any good coming of age story, Alissa learns a lot of new truths about herself, her world and the people she cares about.

The writing is vivid, the characters, both old and new, will warm your heart, the system of magic (or is it science?) is believable and the world itself is very unique. I can't wait to see how this story ends!

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