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The King's Own ( A Borderlands Novel: Book 2)

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The King's Own By Lorna Freeman

A Fantasy Series Book Review

By Lorna Freeman

Genre: Fantasy Series, Young Adult
ISBN: 0451460715
Publisher: Roc (February 7, 2006)
Paperback: 432 pages
Available in ebook: No
Publisher's Blurb:
When Rabbit joined the Royal Army of Iversterre, he was just trying to get off the family farm. Instead, he got mixed up with a magical from the Border, learned he couldn't escape his noble lineage, and developed some surprising talents that he can't always control. But with Iversterre sliding toward the abyss, Rabbit needs to master his powers quickly-before someone else does it for him.
In this second installment of borderlands novels we find our hero Rabbit continuing his quest to come to grips with his ever changing world.

While still an enjoyable read I didn't find this book to be a riveting as the first. The pace seemed to be a lot slower, darker and the twists and turns to be less surprising.

However, that being said, Rabbit is an endearing character and I found myself not only in full sympathy with him but cheering him on as he took on every obstacle thrown in his path. It has been a long while since these books were published but I'd truly love to see another book added to this series.

Update: After more research I discovered the third book, Shadow's Past, was pulled from publication without explanation. The 2 books by themselves are great reads and there was no cliff hanger that makes a 3rd book vital, but I do hope that at some point they release it for publication.

The King's Own: A Borderlands Novel
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  1. I've just read this book and really enjoyed it and am trying to find out why book 3 was pulled. No information yet, but I've signed up to the penguin site to receive further information if they deign to share - suggest you do likewise, maybe more of us signing up will persuade them there is a market and at least we'll get information if nothing else!

  2. Thats not a bad idea. I really want to read that book!

    Thanks :)


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