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Truth Series by Dawn Cook (Series Summary)

An Epic Fantasy Series Review

Author: Dawn Cook
Genre: Fantasy Series, 13+
Publisher: Ace
Book Reviews: First Truth - Hidden Truth - Forgotten Truth - Lost Truth
Truth Series by Dawn Cook (Series Summary)

This story takes place in an interesting world divided into 4 very different cultures. You have the plains people, crafters of great skill but little self sufficiency. There are the hills people who excel at farming and raising livestock, but generally unskilled. The Coastal people who are isolated from the rest by a mountain range and are primarily a merchant class. Then there are the Masters, the magic welders of the land. To make things more interesting, no culture gets along very well with any other. They deal with each other, barely but with contempt and marginal tolerance.

This sets the stage for a poignant story of a young girl from the hills who is forced away from home by her mother. Her mother insists she go off in search of the legacy her father left her, a legacy Alissa doesn't even believe in. After all, who in their right mind believes in magic? The story gets even more interesting as she is rescued along the way by Strell, a boy from the plains and the conflict begins.

This series is delightful. The characters are kept to a minimum; a welcome change from heavier epic fantasy. There is romance, mystery, heartache, humor, prejudice, magic (or is it science?) and dragons. Well I picture them as dragons, Dawn Cook names them Ruka but they are still huge, winged, magical, intelligent lizards, yep, thats dragons! There is also an evil villain bent on taking over the world, but that just adds more flavor.

This series is what I call a light read, this is not to say that there isn't plenty going on, but the over all tone is light and at times very humorous. This is also a coming of age story. With each book Alissa matures and is faced with more challenges, and as a result, matures some more. The author also seems to grow in skill as this story progresses, by the end of the fourth book she impresses me as somebody whose efforts I will definitely be watching, and looking forward to.

If you are interested in seeing more detail about this series, please check out the individual book reviews. No matter what age you are, young adult or 20+ I think you'll enjoy these as much as I did.

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