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Wolf Hunting (Firekeeper Saga: Book 5)

A Fantasy Series Book Review

By Jane Lindskold

Genre: Epic Fantasy, 16+
ISBN: 0765351439
Publisher: Tor Fantasy (January 15, 2007)
Mass Market Paperback: 624 pages
For awhile Firekeeper has been free. Free to run Misheemnekuru with her new pack, Blind Seer as always by her side. But a message sent by the insane Wise Beast Truth has brought all that to an end. Once again Firekeeper must embark on a journey, a journey which will restore Truth's sanity, reveal what happened to the Old World rulers and might result in the destruction of everything, and every one she holds dear.

The story continues in marvelous fashion. Jane Lindskold has obviously listened to the critics of her previous novels and has narrowed the focus once more onto Derian and Firekeeper, and of course Blind Seer . In this story she introduces us to The Meddler. A sorcerer from the Old Country, The Meddler was imprisoned by his own, after centuries becoming little more then a very powerful ghost. Truth, in her wanderings through the currents of the future stumbles on his prison and discovers that in order to free herself, she must free him, and this requires the help of Firekeeper. While in the process of freeing Truth a mystery is uncovered, a quest is formed and Firekeeper, Blind Seer, Truth, Derian, the Wise horse Eshinarvash, the ravens Bitter and Lovable, Plik, the part human, part raccoon hybrid, and Harjeedian must once again go in search of answers. The answers they find will leave each one who survives profoundly changed by the experience.

The drama is in high gear in this installment, there are unforeseeable twists, turns and surprises. We see some definite character development, some thrills, chills, tense moments and some heartwarming ones too. This volume makes muddling through some of the previous ones well worth it. I am very much looking forward to the last book and the final answers to my lingering questions about the Old World and its dangerous sorcery.

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