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Sanctuary by Rowena Cory Daniells (Outcast Chronicles: Book Three)

For over three hundred years, the mystics lived alongside the true-men, until King Charald laid siege to the mystic’s island city and exiled them. Imoshen, most powerful of the female mystics, was elected to lead her people into exile. She faces threats from within, from male mystics who think they would make a better leader. And her people face threats from true-men, who have confiscated their ships. They must set sail by the first day of winter. Those who are left behind will be executed.

Once they set sail, they face winter storms, hostile harbours and sea-raiders who know their ships are laden with treasure. Imoshen relies on the sea captain, Ardonyx, for advice, and Sorne, the half-blood mystic, who has lived among the true-men kingdoms of the Secluded Sea. But Imoshen knows the mystics can’t run for ever. They need somewhere to call home. They need... Sanctuary.

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Sanctuary by Rowena Cory Daniells (Outcast Chronicles: Book Three)
| Source: Author (Honest Review Requested)
| Author: Rowena Cory Daniells
| Genre: Epic Fantasy
| Content: Magical Gifts, Parallel World, Politics
| ISBN-10: 1781080151
| ISBN-13: 9781781080153
| Publisher: Solaris (August 28, 2012)
| Mass Market Paperback: 560 pages
| Cover Artist: Clint Langley
| Rating: 4/5 Stars
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Sanctuary (The Outcast Chronicles, #3)

♥ Mini Review ♥
If you want to know what my definition of true Epic Fantasy entails; this book/series is a prime example. Nothing is simple, there are no easy answers, and don't get too attached to the characters. There is no telling who will or will not survive.

Epic Fantasy Book Review by Mulluane

♦ What I Liked. I had a strong feeling at the conclusion of Exile that I was going to love Sanctuary and I was right. In some ways this book was better than the first two books combined. It wasn't perfect mind you. But you can ask anybody in this household and they will tell you I literally disappeared from this world every time I opened its pages.

Juggling this much information is hard sometimes but for the most part I had very little trouble keeping up. There are some really clever players in this drama and they kept me on my toes. I wavered between "omg, what else can go wrong" to "omg, what a great solution!"

The issues explored are deep and varied. The pace marched to a rhythm of 2 steps forward, followed by one or more steps back. Progress is made but the means are often tragic or at the very least, painful. And as with almost any civilization, change is fought against every step of the way.

The whole process was a joy to read.

♦ What I didn't like. I wasn't entirely happy with the ending. It had too much of a "to be continued" feel to it. To make matters worse, I am not sure -- this being a prequel -- if there is going to be a continuation of this story or it was designed to tie into the first series, Fall of Fair Isle. I doubt that it is though. I haven't read the first series but it is my understanding that it takes place well into the future. The cliffhanger I am referring to suggests something more imminent.

Now before you misunderstand me on this, the book did conclude most of the major conflicts; effectively ending this chapter of the character's lives. It was only the very end that felt like a segway into a whole new series. Granted one I very much want to read but it is bad enough when book one and two within a trilogy end in a cliffhanger. For a concluding volume to do so makes me alittle angry. If I loved the series I don't need a hook to read the next one. I'm going to do it because I love the author's style. The whole reason why I read entire series at one time is so I don't have to put up with cliffhangers! Grrrrr.

♦ Conclusion.  As long as I shove my annoyance over the ending aside, I have to say this was the strongest of the three books. I can't help but admire a writer who so perfectly juggles the lives of so many people all while dealing with a myriad of social, racial, cultural and gender related issues. This is true Epic Fantasy all the way from beginning to end. Highly recommended.

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Epic Fantasy Review of Sanctuary by Rowena Cory Daniells (Outcast Chronicles: Book Three) - Reviewed by Mulluane - on April 21, 2014 - Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

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