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Mistress of the Empire (Riftwar Cycle: The Empire Trilogy 3) by Raymond E. Feist, Janny Wurts

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What do you do when it feels like no matter what good you accomplish, the whole world wants your head on a platter? Well if you are Mara, Lady of the Acoma, you fight that much harder!
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This stunning finale to the Empire series concludes the compelling story of one woman's battle to conquer and transform her world.

Daughter of the Empire began the epic saga of Mara of the Acoma, illustrating her meteoric rise to power in the Machiavellian intrigues of the Tsurani court. Servant of the Empire continued that tale as Mara, Ruling Lady of her house, established herself as a skilful player in the Game of the Council.

Now Mara faces not only the brotherhood of assassins, and the cunning spies of the rival ruling houses, but the awesome Assembly of Magicians, who see her as the ultimate threat to their ancient power

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Mistress of the Empire (Riftwar Cycle: The Empire Trilogy 3) by Raymond E. Feist, Janny Wurts
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Of all the books in this trilogy, this is the most tragic, and the most triumphant. If Mara thought she had weathered some storms before, they were only a stiff breeze compared to what is going to hit her now...

♦ My Thoughts. And, it isn't like the poor woman doesn't have enough on her plate. The assassin's guild has placed a contract on her head, she has to find ways to outfox her competitor's spies, and she has been labeled as a danger to the Black Magicians.

However, a personal tragedy will almost break her. Question is, will she let it bring her down or will she rise from the ashes of her heart. Only time will tell.

♦ What I Liked. I love it when authors throw everything but the kitchen sink at their main character. I can imagine them staying up late at night plotting and planning horrible things to torture Mara with. And they not only succeeded, they caught me by surprise.

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But you can't chronicle a person's rise unless you first make them fall. The harder the fall, the better the storyline. Her dilemma is made even more realistic (and more sympathetic) by the fact that Mara understandably falls all to pieces. So far in this series she has made mistakes, learned some hard lessons but nothing has prepared her for this level of angst.

And the hits keep on coming. Before it is all over you will wonder just how this woman manages to get out of bed in the morning. Fortunately, giving up is not Mara's style. She may lose sight of her goal for a time, but she will always get up, brush herself off, lock down her grief and forage straight ahead. Woe to anyone who stands in her way!

Well, I'm not going to tell you what happens of course but I will tell you that I LOVED the ending! I'm a sucker for a book that makes me grin long after I've read the last page.

This was one of those books. 'Nuff said....

Mistress of the Empire (Riftwar Cycle: The Empire Trilogy 3) by Raymond E. Feist, Janny Wurts♦ What I didn't like. Once again I am having a hard time coming up with anything I didn't like. Rarely have I read a book so well written that I ended up with no gripes or questions left.

Well, guess what! I have no gripes or questions left. Everything was answered. Every storyline was explored and concluded. And honestly, I'm actually pretty upset by this.

The problem is that there will be no more Mara. Her story, the stories of her staunch allies -- and of her enemies -- are all wrapped up in nice neat bows. Now I am going to have to find somebody else to spend my evenings with. Sigh...

Makes me sad. I loved them all, I even loved to hate her opponents and I hate to say goodbye.

Granted, there are LOTS of stories which take place in the worlds of Midkemia and Kelewan but none quite like this one. My proverbial hat is off to the team of Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts.

♦ Conclusion. If you want to read about a unique world, love cutthroat politics, enjoy coming of age stories that follow a heroine up to her middle years, stories that come full circle but aren't afraid to kill off key players; oh my the list goes on...

How about I just say this.  READ THIS BOOK and SERIES!

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Mistress of the Empire (The Empire Trilogy, #3)
Author: Raymond E. Feist
Author: Janny Wurts

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Content: Magic, Politics, War
ISBN-10:  0553561189
ISBN-13: 9780553561180
Publisher: Bantam (April 1, 1993)
Paperback:  676 pages
Cover Design: Don Maitz
My Rating: 5/5 Stars Amazon: US ~ Canada ~ UK
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Epic Fantasy Review of Mistress of the Empire (Riftwar Cycle: The Empire Trilogy 3) by Raymond E. Feist, Janny Wurts - Reviewed by Mulluane on March 23 2015 - Rating: 5 of 5

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  1. After reading your review of the first book in this series I decided I had to read it (and I have the first book in my reading queue). Now I know I need to move it up the list, because I'm even more eager! See? It's all your fault.... :-D :-D

    And by the way... nice dragons! ;-)

    1. I'm evil that way.... but I doubt you'll regret it :>)

      And thanks! I'm not completely happy with my header. I don't know enough to figure out why the text portion is so fuzzy but I love my dragons!

  2. Great review! The 'Empire' trilogy is one of my favourite fantasy series of all time, and I myself have just embarked on a re-read of the first book. It's absolutely gutting that there's no more Mara after it's finished, isn't it?

    - Laura @halfstrungharp

    1. It is! It is starting to worry me though.

      I haven't found any series lately that gives me the same level of immersion. I'm starting to worry that I'm aging out of the epic fantasy world. The Empire Trilogy was plenty dark in places but there was always an underlying feeling of hope and the possibility of a change for the better.

      Today's epics are darker and more hopeless. The prevailing feeling is one of hope for the lesser of two (or more) extremely bad outcomes. But I have a wealth of old books to reread so I'm not tooooo worried :>)

    2. Aging out of epic fantasy?!? (*covers ears*) My dear, I am sure there is a plethora of wonderful epic fantasies out there waiting for you to explore them. I do understand how you feel though, when I reach the end an amazing series more often then not I find myself wishing I had not finished it. But the best part of finishing one journey is the new excitement and wonder of starting a new one.

      I look forward to reading about your next adventure.

      Be well,

    3. Books are alot like music, or fashion trends. Each generation strives recreate themselves by recreating entire genres. Even terminology changes and not always for the better. Take modern "epic" fantasy. I'm not sure what the term means anymore. And I've seen some heated discussions that prove it means different things to different age groups.

      What I've seen lately is a much darker story than what I loved in the 70s-80s and even into the 90s. Characters are flawed and usually stay that way. Situations are grim and don't improve all that much. Violence, sex and profanity, while realistic, are given far too much detail.

      And forget happy endings. That is the part I miss the most. I want to be grinning by the time I close the book. Not feeling like the answers were possibly worse than the questions.

      But I'm also somebody who never outgrew fantasy tropes. I love damsels in distress (but not helpless ones!), knights in shining armor, talking swords, sentient animals and hordes of orcs, trolls, demons and ancient gods.

      However, I do believe that as you say, those gems are hidden out there somewhere. I'll continue to look for them :>)

      Thanks for stopping by and the kind words of encouragement! Hope to see you again soon.

  3. I am there with you on the fantasy tropes, but I am also very addicted to anti-heroes.
    You'll see me here often, I love what your doing here (great taste in books).
    Happy to join/ follow/ annoy you. :)

    Be Well,

    1. You are welcome here! Make yourself at home and feel free to raid the refrigerator. :>)


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