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Not much to tell. I am a 54 year old grandmother who lives, breathes, reviews and blogs about Epic Fantasy; often forgetting to do things like eat, or sleep. I am a bit of a hermit, much preferring to stay at home and get lost reading, gaming or blogging.

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Dragons, Heroes and Wizards:

A few years ago I was searching the web for a new Fantasy series to read. You see at some point in my obsession with reading I had made a decision. I HATED going to the book store, studying the shelves, only to find that one of 3 scenarios was bound to happen. I'd find book 2 or 3 of a series, but, I could not remember if I had book 1 and/or 2, or, if I knew I didn't have them, the store didn't either, or, I had 1, I could buy 2, but it would be another year or more before I could get #3. So, instead I started looking for complete series. Book 1, 2 and 3 (or more) sitting neatly on the shelf. But I digress....

Fast forward to me searching the web for my next undiscovered already complete series. I soon realized that, at that time, there was no such resource. Oh I found reviews of great books. Lots and lots of them. Only problem was I had to dig deep to find out if the review belonged to part of a complete set, or an incomplete set. I had to check for titles of books 1, 2 and 3 then see if and when and where they were available. Throwing my hands up in frustration I decided to create my own blog focused on.... you guessed it.... only completed series (or subseries, some works in their entirety are huge but are broken down into separate trilogies.) And so Dragons, Heroes and Wizards was born.

The rest as they say, is history.

Old Bat's Belfry:

This is a companion blog to Dragons, Heroes and Wizards which is my fantasy series book review blog. Dragons has nothing but reviews and a few lists. So I decided I needed a place to put other SFF things.

So, Old Bat's Belfry was born. There you will find links to stuff I find out in the SFF world. Fun Posts, Wacky Interviews, and Shoutouts about things I deem worthy of attention. There are also Quotes I like and designed a background for and the occasional book review that doesn't fit in my fantasy series niche. And of course the infamous author social media table.

It's also a place where I can goof around with all the fun widgets, gadgets and other assorted inane stuff I run across on the web. You might even find some book blogging tips on occasion.

Dynamic Views. 

At one time a reader could choose a dynamic view of this blog. That functionality was removed across all blogs by Google and can not be restored. Now a blog own has to pick either a dynamic view or a traditional one. Views can no longer be switched between the two.

I have chosen to stay traditional, even though I loved the Flipside view. Dynamic does not allow any 3rd party javascript which means no share buttons and none of those sidebar widgets we all know and love.

Other Places I Play

In addition to reviewing I can also be found doing other fantasy related stuff. I love Pinterest where I have a bunch of boards showing off my love of book covers, fun quotes, fantasy artwork ect. I also started a blog on Tumblr where I can post really large book covers. The large high resolution covers look great there. The low resolution ones, not so much, but I add them anyway. Haven't decided yet what else I am going to use Tumblr for, but I'm open to suggestions.

Meanwhile on both Twitter and Facebook I share SFF stuff I find on the web like Reviews (sometimes my own), Giveaways, News, Videos and Articles.

See more places where I can be found below

(Told you I live and breath Fantasy)

Welcome To My World!
(and don't be afraid, it scares me too.)


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